Cloud Computing Projects

Cloud Computing Projects

  Cloud Computing Projects offers wonderful fertile knowledge farmland for you to win in your intellectual war. Our dedicative service center is a leading software development project company started to execute students and researchers knowledge to achieve excellent career successfully. Today, our universal classic professionals are specialized in BE, BTech, BSC, BCA, ME, MTech, MCA, and MSC Cloud Computing Projects since we have 10+ years of experience. We delivered thousands of Cloud Computing Projects for research intellectuals and scholars come in different streams of Information Technology, Science and Engineering. Do you want to get advanced Cloud Computing Projects? You can come closer today. We are always waiting for your call or mail.

Cloud Computing Projects

  Cloud Computing Projects is one for the uppermost quality of service for give highly effective solution for research colleagues and students. We are only concentrating innovative and inventive research concepts in cloud computing as like mobile cloud computing, cloud virtualization and storage, high performance cloud computing, cloud resource management & virtualization, mobile & cloud intersection, cloud economics, clouds integration and more.

Now, you can view some important aspects of Cloud Computing,

Cloud Computing Deployment Models:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Managed Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Platforms on Cloud (Delivery Models):

-Application Services (on demand services)

  • Google Calendar and Gmail

-Platform as a Services (on demand resources)

  • Google App engine

-Infrastructure as a Services (physical assets services)

  • VMWare, Amazon EC2, Sun Parascale, Microsoft Azure Platform etc.

-Integration PaaS (iPaaS)

  • CEIP (Cloud Enabled Integration Platforms)
  • E-Commerce: (Integration Middleware, B2B and SOA)
  • Co-Located and Integrated Suite of Cloud Services for Governance and Integration Initiatives

-Application PaaS

  • CEAP (Cloud Enable Application Platforms)
  • Combined Business Application Platform
  • Multi-Tenant elastically Scalable Business Apps Development and Deployment

Security Issues in Cloud Platforms:

  • Data Access
  • Data Security
  • Data Locality
  • Data Integrity
  • Network Security
  • Authorization and Authentication
  • Data Segregation
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Data Breaches
  • Availability
  • Virtualization vulnerability
  • Web Application Security
  • Backup
  • Identity Management

Latest Cloud Computing Projects Topics and Ideas:

  • Efficient Data Storage and Processing on Trusted Cloud Storage Services
  • Multimedia Processing Pricing Mechanism in Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Accelerated Cloud Computing
  • Towards Realizing Fog Computing Facility Placement at PON Control Office
  • Echo State networks in Radio Access Networks Based on Cloud with Mobile Users for Proactive Caching
  • Bayesian Network Based Approach for Predictive Cloud Service Admission Control
  • An Inventive adaptive Streaming Mechanism for Mobile Video Games Based on Cloud
  • Cloud Technology Enabler and Engineering Principles for Medical Image Processing-as-a-service
  • Three Dimensional Road Boundary Extraction Through Graph Cuts and Supervoxels from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
  • MWPT (Microwave Wireless Power Transfer) Systems Using One and Two Dimensional Arrays
  • ISM (Interpretive Structure Modeling) in Sentimental Analysis for Energy Dependency
  • Factors Affecting Cloud Computing Decision Makers Views in Saudi Healthcare Organization
  • Achieving Secure and Efficient Data Acquisition in Smart Grid for Cloud Supported IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Job Starvation in Big Data Infrastructure with Data Skewness Alleviation
  • Reliability and Trust Based Federated Identify Management Analysis Using Graph Coloring Approach in InterCloud
  • Augmented Resource Allocation Framework in Mobile Cloud Environments for Disaster Response Coordination