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AWS or Amazon Web Services is one platform that offers wide range of services via cloud. Simply saying, if you are using smart phones then cloud services is not a new term to you. These days AWS projects for final year are gaining huge importance. AWS allow you to do many things especially,

  • Maintain web
  • Maintaining servers for applications

   Are you a final year student or research scholar searching for right content and online support regarding AWS projects? Thank yourself, you had just found it. AWS projects for final year have been rendering great guidance in the topic for more than a decade to students across top universities. We will brief you about projects in AWS below.


   AWS technology allows dynamic running applications and services for a host or user, which are achieved by the various elements created in the AWS environment. Appropriate service tool is enabled in the AWS for user’s tasks.


   First it is significant to understand the working of AWS. AWS consist of Content delivery network that make your research easier by providing your work oriented content and analysis from all over the world. AWS also allow us to do the following.

  • Offers computational power
  • Delivers content
  • Storage database
  • Delivering dynamic and static data

   For detailed working of AWS cloud reach out to us. We will prevent the factors hindering your from understanding these by giving detailed practical explanations on all aspects. You can enjoy your efforts for final year projects with us. The benefits of AWS are much more wide ranging. Let us see about that in detail.


   AWS is more confidential and reliable cloud service available to us. It has the following major benefits.

  • Services are provided immediately on demand
  • Payment is in par with services availed
  • Gets to the server quickly
  • Quantity of data transferred to the customer is more flexible
  • No visible delay when more servers are deployed

   With these advantages, ultimate cost of deploying applications on global scale is reduced drastically. You should know that trust and confidence of customers are the priorities of AWS. If you are taken away by the huge advantages of AWS, then stay with us to know more about it.

Aws Projects for Final Year Students


The following are the major services of AWS.

Data services
  • Discovery and classification
  • Modelling
  • Mapping
  • Reporting
Storage infrastructure service
  • Security in network storage and partitioning
  • ILM services
  • Processing cryptographic data
  • Infrastructure services
Management service
  • Managing policies and keys
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
Access service
  • Authentication of users
  • Authorisation

   Beyond these the foundation services AWS also include networking, computation, storage and identification services. You may think how secure AWS is for cloud services. If so, then the following points are for you.

  • AWS have standard hardware and software for security.
  • Highly qualified staffs are employed at data centres
  • Data centres are at extremely high surveillance

   Thus AWS cloud is actually the interest of many to take up their projects. When many people are doing the same thing, then it becomes difficult for you to prove your uniqueness. If this is your problem, then you need not worry at all as we are right here with the solution in our hand to implement cloud computing projects with source code.

   Our expert team is well experienced and updated in the cloud technology especially AWS. Thus they can give you all novel innovations and make you a great path to make successful final year project. Now let’s continue with the features of AWS.


The major features of AWS include the following

  • Flexibility in storage capacity
  • Enhanced speed
  • Highly secure
  • Project focused and not architecture oriented
  • Global leader in cloud computing
  • Cost effective
  • No involvement of initial investment

   The benefits of AWS themselves are its characteristics. This is because it is only AWS that is in the top notch among cloud users in the world. Quite interestingly we have most of our cloud service projects been done under AWS. So you can get massive real time data and find large amount of successful works even before you choose the topic. Now let us have a detailed look into the components of AWS.


The following are the major components for the functioning of AWS

AWS Storage
  • Storage gateway – durable back up for data on premises
  • Elastic File System – storage for Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Glacier – long term file storage like archives
  • Simple storage service – sole storage only service
AWS compute
  • Lightsail – computation component for beginners
  • Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 – Ultimate cloud control lies here
  • ECS or Elastic Container Service – runs docker containers
  • Kubernetes (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) – runs kuberneters on AWS
  • Beanstalk (Elastic Beanstalk) – controls automatic deployment of resources
  • Batch – runs batch computing
  • Server Migration service – migration from site servers to AWS
  • Database Migration Service – migration among databases
  • Snowball – for transfer of huge volume of data in and out of AWS
  • DynamoDB – NoSQL database with very minimal latency
  • Neptune – graphical database
  • Relational Database Service – complete management of AWS
  • Elastic cache – cloud cache for repeated queries
  • Redshift – OLAP complex queries are run
Networking and content delivery
  • Virtual Private Cloud – for isolation and protection of data
  • Route53 – for Registration of domain names\
  • API gateway – origin and management of API
  • CloudFront – network for delivering content
  • Direct connect – for connection to area of availability

   You can build your projects on any of these components. Efficient system of cloud services is still the need of the hour owing to some of the issues associated with each service. You can seek for any sort of guidance from us regarding improving the efficiency of the system. You are invited to avail our support as early as possible. Let us now give you details about research topics in AWS


   The research topics in AWS are broadly based under certain headings. Make sure you do a close reading of them. Only then you can opt for your research topic as fast as possible.

  • Windows virtual machine deployment using Amazon Lightshell
  • AWS website creation for creating website
  • Launching of web applications without servers

The following aspects of AWS can help for this purpose

  • Amazon cognito – managing API
  • Amazon API gateway and AWS lambda – utilising backed up API\
  • AWS Amplify – hosts JS, CSS and HTML
  • Amazon dynamoDB – addition of storage layer

   These are the most important research topics in AWS. You can start your project by aiming to reduce the issues with cloud services. By lowering the number of issues associated with AWS projects, we have achieved remarkable success in our attempts.

   You as a beginner will feel it quite hard to battle against the issues associated with it. With our help you can come out in flying colours. We will now brief you one of the research ideas that we developed using AWS.


   There are ample scopes in the design and control of AWS data centres. Maintaining data centres at cost effective manner is more important. The following are the major aspects of controlling of data centre.

  • Continuous supply of power
  • Quick identification of issues
  • Risk suppressing
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Design of server for streaming media

   Procedures and advanced techniques for all the above objectives of maintaining data centres are available online at AWS projects for final year. For details you may also contact us via mail or phone call. We insist you to see the detailed note on one of these topics that is server designs for media streaming given below.


For streaming of media through AWS cloud services following aspects are considered

  • Integration of web and server for media
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service or S3 backup
  • An app usually mobile, containing media server
  • S3, Phone and server to be interconnected

There are various environments that are essential for streaming of media. They are listed below

  • Operating system – Ubuntu 14.04
  • Content delivery – Amazon CloudFront
  • Video streaming engine – Media server
  • Video player – MPEG, Adobe RTMP player, DASH, HTTP live streaming
  • Terminal – FireSSH
  • Mobile Language – PhoneGap, Cordova
  • Server – Amazon EC2
  • Storage – Simple storage service, Amazon Elastic Block Storage
  • Managing Identity – Amazon IAM
  • Apps – Live, VODS
  • Web – Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • Port – SSH, Streaming port(1935), Port(8088)

The other configurations for AWS include the following.

Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3 processors
  • 2.9 GHz clock speed
  • 36 vCPUs
  • 18 cores
  • 60 GB RAM

   Its peak performance is theoretically capped at 46.4 GFLOPS at 2.9 GHz. These are the aspects of the project in AWS designed by us. This is a part of one of the milestones in our research guidance experience. You will now understand the excellence of the project after knowing its key metrics.

AWS Performance Metrics

For the analysis of performance of the deployed EC2 made for your applications’ support, you have to use either AWS cloudwatch or Sumo Logic.

  • AWS Cloudwatch – provides basic information and options for retention
  • Sumo Logic – complete picture with analysis of performance
The following are the key performance metrics that are analysed.
  • Utilization of CPU – monitors the compute units used and grades your application
  • Disk Write Bytes and Disk Read Bytes – measures input and output exchanged

   Having said this much about our successfully implemented project using AWS, you should have been amazed by our teams’ extraordinary achievement. It is now time for you to gift yourself with the world’s most sought online guidance on AWS projects for final year students. Connect with us to interact with our expert and enrich yourself with information to achieve your dream of making a successful final year project using AWS.

VM Migration

Key Services

  • Literature Survey
  • Research Proposal
  • System Development
  • AWS Integration
  • Algorithm Writing
  • Pesudocode
  • Paper Writing
  • Conference Paper
  • Thesis Writing
  • Dissertation Writing
  • MS Thesis
  • Assignments


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