CloudSim Projects

CloudSim Projects

  CloudSim Projects offer knowledge based experimental battleground for you to build ultramodern research application and projects in your upcoming professional life. We are paving the approach for young generation of students and research intellectuals to make a spring towards their upcoming career. We are encouraging them to accomplish their CloudSim Projects as an intern in its collaborative working environment with the comprehensive professional’s assistance and support. Do you have any queries or need help? Call us. Our professional team is ready to answer your queries and help in anyway.

CloudSim Projects

  CloudSim Projects gives real-time mimic environment for implement their intellectual projects with the help of our outstanding professionals. Cloud computing is the popular technology which delivers fault-tolerant, reliable, trustworthy and scalable computation service. Today, wide range of scholars are eager to select cloud computing projects in CloudSim which provide extensible & generalized simulation environment for modeling, simulating and experimentation of developing cloud computing infrastructure and services. Here, we briefly contribute CloudSim Projects,

 …”CloudSim refers to cloud library for the simulation of cloud scenarios. It enables classes for describing data centres, computational resources, application users, virtual machines and polices for the management of various parts of the system”

Essential Features of CloudSim:

  • It support for large scale cloud computing data centers modeling and simulation
  • Virtualized server hosts modeling and simulation
  • Virtual machines host resources provisioning using customizable policies
  • Federated clouds modeling and simulation
  • Dynamic insertion of simulation elements simulation and modeling
  • Application containers simulation and modeling
  • Data center network topologies simulation and modeling

Reasons for Using CloudSim:

  • Cloud Resource Provisioning
  • Cloud Computing Optimization
  • Energy Efficient Management of Data Center Resources
  • Exploration of Research Activities
  • No Graphical User Interface

Prerequisites for CloudSim:

 Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP (32 bit), Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows 8, 10 (32/64 bit)
  • Linux (Ubuntu Linux, Lucid Lynx)
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8/later (x86 only)

Latest Version: CloudSim Toolkit 4.0

Development Environment: Eclipse/NetBeans IDE, Java Development Kit

CloudSim Integration Tools:


CloudSim New Technologies:

  • Web Applications
  • MapReduce
  • Virtualization of Container as a Service

CloudSim Algorithms:

 VM Load Balancing Algorithms

  • Dynamic Service Broker
  • Service Proximity Based Routing
  • Active Monitoring Load Balancer
  • Round Robin Load Balancer
  • Throttled Load Balancer

VM Management Techniques

  • Local Regression
  • The Random Choice Policy
  • The Maximum Correlation Policy
  • The Minimum Migration Time Policy
  • Host Overload Detection
  • Median Absolute Deviations

Other Algorithms and Techniques:

  • Honey bee Algorithm
  • Fuzzy Prediction Algorithm
  • DVFS Techniques
  • PSO based Algorithm
  • Morpho Algorithm
  • CCBKE Algorithm
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Integer Linear Program
  • Heuristic Algorithm
  • Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
  • Queen Bee Algorithm
  • Deadline and Cost based Scheduling Algorithm
  • Deadline constrained Algorithm
  • Budget Constrained Job Scheduling
  • Service Provide Selection
  • Green Computing
  • Prioritizing the Robust Workflow
  • Multi Constraint based Scheduling
  • Heterogeneous Resource Scheduling

CloudSim Tools:

  • iFogSim
  • CloudSimEx
  • CloudSim Automation
  • WorkflowSim
  • Cloud2Sim
  • RedCloudSim
  • Dynamic CloudSim
  • CloudReports
  • CLoudAuction
  • CloudMIG Xpress
  • CloudAnalyst
  • FederatedCloudSim

CloudSim Applications:

  • Resource provisioning
  • Services virtualization
  • Clouds Federation (Inter-Networking)
  • Data Centers and Load Balancing
  • QoS and Workload Patterns
  • Techniques for provisioning (Energy Conscious/Non-Energy Conscious, Cloud Bursts)
  • Tasks Scheduling
  • Cloudlets Creation and Execution
  • Energy Optimization

Current CloudSim Projects Topics for Students:

  • A Cloudsim Extension For Dynamic Workflows Simulation In A Cloud Environment
  • Network Aware Virtual Machine Heuristics For Enhancing Multi-Tier Web Application SLA Violation In The Cloud
  • Improved Extensibility, Modularity And Correctness Using Cloud Computing Simulation System Pursing Software Engineering Principles
  • File Replication Based On Profit In Data Intensive Cloud Data Centers
  • Load Based Scheduling In Cloud Frameworks To Enhance Performance
  • Dynamic Programming Based Cloud Computing Using An Innovative Energy Efficient Virtual Machine Scheduling Algorithm
  • Consolidation Of Quality Of Service Aware VM (Virtual Machine) In Cloud Datacenter
  • An Framework For Evaluate Edge Computing Frameworks Performance By Edgecloudsim
  • Scheduling Algorithms Based On Selection Under Service Level Agreement Constraints
  • Energy And Cost Aware Scheduling Algorithm In Clouds For Scientific Workflows With Deadline Constraints
  • Dynamic Partitioning Workflow For Monetary Cost Optimization And Run-Time Failures Handling Over Federated
  • An Intelligent Framework For Streaming And Deadline Critical Workflows For Automated Scaling
  • Two Level Load Balancing Methodology With Dynamic Approach For Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Hosted Elastic Media Services Using Adaptive Virtual Machine Allocation Algorithms
  • Power Consumption Analysis Using Cloudsim Across Heterogeneous Data Center.