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Cloud Computing Security Thesis

Cloud Computing Security Thesis is a constant river that on the trot of raises scholar’s skill. Writing a thesis is a demanding journey for the entire scholar’s course. In general, PhD, MS, or any other degree students must write a thesis in cloud computing security.

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Implementing cloud computing security thesis for research scholars
Evergreen Cloud Computing Security and Privacy Topics
  • Encryption with Key Management
  • Access control and Supervision
  • Long Term Resiliency
  • Mobility-based Data Protection
  • Interception via Unauthorized Users
  • Data Residency and also Breach Notification

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Let’s perceive some cryptographic ideas,

Symmetric Cryptography
  • Purpose
    • Data confidentiality
    • Data Storage
  • Algorithms
    •  3DES
    • AES (128, 192, 256 Bits)
    • RC4, 5, 6
  • Limitations
    • Easy to compromise
  • Alternatives
    • Secure Key Storage (use VM, and also HSM restricted file system)
    • And also Rollover/rotate keys every n years
Asymmetric Cryptography
  • Purpose
    • Secure Communication and Authentication
    • Data Origin Authentication
    • And also in Symmetric Key Exchange 
  • Algorithms
    • Digital Signatures and Certificates
    • DSA, ECDSA,
    • SHA_x
    • RSA
  • Limitations
    •  Private Key Compromise
    • Signature Forgery
  • Alternatives
    • Strong Encryption
    • Strong Hashes
    • And also in Secure Private Key Storage 
One-Way Digests and Hashes
  • Purpose
    • Secure Credential Data Storage
    • Digital Signatures
    • And also in File Integrity verify
  • Algorithms
    • SHA-1: 160, SHA-256, SHA-512
    • MD5: 128 bits
  • Limitations
    •  Hash Collision
    • Rainbow Attacks
    • And also in Pre-computed Dictionary Attacks
  • Alternatives
    • Use Stronger SHA Versions and 2/multi-factor authentication

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VM Migration

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