Cloud Security Projects

Cloud Security Projects

   Cloud Security Projects is a real world sensing of building and changing to prove which you can reason big. Hence, we provide guidelines to select an attractive and real-time project idea to carry out the best position in the field of cloud computing. It is making via our hand-on assistance for students to place their ideas and also encourage scholars to have out of thoughts and to grow intellectually. Our Cloud Security Projects service is outstanding and created for just initiation purpose. Through our dedicative service, we help students in problem solving (execution problem and technical problem), research and project development. Would you like to gain our support? Today you can get in touch with us. Stars can’t shine without darkness. Students can’t reach your dream destination without any assistance.

Cloud Security Projects

  Cloud Security Projects offer research service for research academicians and students to enhance their standard in this scientific society. Today, security is the prime focus of every field like business, government agencies, banking, medical and other technical fields. One of the vivid pitfalls is moving highly reliable and sensitive data cloud. Due to this efficiency, many advanced algorithms/strategies/techniques/application and technologies are introduced to improve cloud security.

Let’s view some key issues of Cloud Security,

  • Trust
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Compliance
  • Encryption
  • Isolation management
  • QoS Guarantees
  • Data Ownership Issues
  • Data Retention Issues

Cloud Security Mechanisms:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Security reporting and auditing
  • Security provides in application layer of virtual infrastructure
  • Host Integrity Maintenance Systems (VM and Physical)
  • Malicious Programs Root Kit Protection
  • Data Access Control Mechanism
  • Data Protection and Encryption Mechanism using AES algorithm
  • DDoS Attacks Detection Defense Mechanism
  • Isolation Failure Detection Algorithm
  • Scalable Vertical Load Balancer
  • Network Isolation Software Mechanisms
  • Risk based Assessment Program for Cloud Provider’s
  • Cloud contracts based on the key areas to focus
  • Various layers of Cloud Infrastructure Evaluation
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery Development
  • Vulnerability assessments in Cloud
  • Monitoring and Response Capabilities in Cloud
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Data level Security
  • Risk and Identity Management
  • Application Level security
  • Infrastructure Level Security

Data Confidentiality Mechanisms:

  • Encrypted Database and Search (TSFS Algorithm)
  • Distributive Storage (Shamir’s Chunk’s Algorithms)
  • Data Concealment (Watermarking Algorithm’s)
  • Homomorphic Encryption (RSA Algorithm’s)
  • Deletion Confirmation (FADE System)
  • Hybrid Technique (RSA Public Key Algorithm)

Algorithm / Methodology:

  • Log Retrieval
  • Pushing or pulling
  • Blow Fish
  • Multiple Encryption
  • Biometric Security
  • Data Storage Method
  • VM Launch Trusted Protocol
  • Untrusted OS and Secure Virtual Machine
  • Open Stack IaaS Platform

Open Source Cloud Security Project Titles:

  • IoT (Internet of Things) Infrastructure Softwarization for Smart and Secure Healthcare
  • Secure System Development for Distributed Processing and Data Storage in Active Security Concept Based Clouds in RNS
  • Access Control Used on Encryption Based Exculpable and Verifiable Outsourced Attribute in Cloud Computing
  • Computation of Confidentiality Preserving Publicly Verifiable for Multivariate Polynomials
  • DWT-DCT Frequency Domain Based Encrypted Medical Image Retrieval Algorithm
  • Hierarch Attribute Based Encryption Strategy in Cloud Storage to Support Direct Revocation
  • Laravel System Based noVNC and Proxmox Technology for Online Education Platform
  • Polynomials Public Verifiable Computation Through Outsourced Data with Multiple Sources
  • Arbitrary SQL Queries Verification Through Outsourced Database
  • Continuous Auditing and Compression Technique Implementation in Log Auditing
  • Integrating Privacy for Big Data Analytics in Students Information System Architecture Design
  • Information Service Quality Evaluation Study of Big Data Based Cloud Computing Environment
  • Comprehensive Review on Quality of Service (QoS) Measures in Cloud Environment for Resource Allocation
  • An Effective Data Storage Model Using Temporal Data De-Duplication Methodology for Cloud Databases
  • Equivalence Class Generalization Based on Markov Model Application in Network Anomaly Detection