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Scheduling in Cloud Computing Thesis

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Implementing Scheduling in Cloud computing thesis for research scholar
To increase your thesis, here are our suggestions,
  • Values Originality
  • Creativity
  • Search Truth Titles
  • Find True Ideas / Methods
  • Find and also Interact with Experts
SaaS (Application Layer)
  • User’s QoS Scheduling
  • Provider Efficiency Scheduling
  • Negotiation Scheduling
  • And also in Job / Task Scheduling
PaaS (Virtualization Layer)
  • Load Balance Scheduling
  • VM Scheduling
  • Energy Conservation Scheduling
  • Also based on Cost Effectiveness Scheduling
IaaS (Deployment Layer)
  • Service Placement Scheduling
  • Partner Federation Scheduling
  • Also in Data Routing Scheduling

Scheduling Objectives in Cloud

  • Cost (also in Budget Minimization)
  • Makespan (also in Deadline Maximization)
  • Workload Maximization
  • Reliability Awareness
  • Security Awareness
  • Energy Consumption Minimization
  • VM Utilization Maximization
  • Waiting, and also Turnaround Time Minimization
  • Resource Overhead Minimization
  • Maximize CPU Utilization
  • Minimize Queue Waiting Time
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Also in Maximize Resource Utilization

Scheduling Types in Cloud

  • Preemptive Scheduling
  • Non-Preemptive Scheduling
  • Static Scheduling
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • On-line Scheduling
  • Off-line Scheduling
  • Optimal based on also in Scheduling
  • Heuristic Scheduling
  • Also in Batch mode Scheduling

Frequently used Scheduling Algorithms

  • Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm
  • Min-Max Scheduling Algorithm
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Ant Colony Optimization and also in Bee
  • Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  • SCPF and also in LCFPE Algorithm
  • FCFS, LIFO, SJFS, and also in FIFO
  • Shortest Remaining Time Scheduling
  • Non-Preemptive, Preemptive, and also in Weighted
  • Multilevel Feedback Queue Scheduling
  • Thread and also in Priority Scheduling Algorithm
  • Highest Response Ratio Next Algorithm
  • Multilevel Queue Scheduling also in Algorithm
  • Multiple Processor Scheduling Algorithm
  • Cost Efficient Task Scheduling
  • Bin-Packing Algorithm
  • Min-Min Algorithm
  • Delay Scheduling Algorithm
  • Earliest Deadline First Algorithm
  • Lottery Scheduling Algorithm
  • Rate Monotonic Scheduling & also in Algorithm
  • Partitioning Scheduling also in Algorithm
  • Critical Node Parent Tree Algorithm
  • Insertion Scheduling also in Heuristic Algorithm
  • And also in Dynamic Level Scheduling Algorithm

Resource Scheduling Algorithms

  • Time based also on Scheduling
  • Cost based on Scheduling
  • Profit based on also in Scheduling
  • Energy based on also intended for Scheduling
  • Priority based Scheduling
  • VM based Scheduling
  • QoS and also in SLA based on Scheduling
  • Nature/Bio inspired based on also Scheduling
  • Hybrid based Scheduling
  • Adaptive and also in Dynamic based Scheduling
  • Compromised Cost Time based also in Scheduling

Scheduling Performance Metrics

  • Deadline
  • Guarantee Ratio
  • VMs Utilization
  • Throughput
  • Makespan
  • Task Slack
  • Entropy of Schedule
  • Execution time
  • Completion time
  • Expectation of Makespan
  • Energy Consumption
  • Performance
  • Quality of Service
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Resource Utilization
  • Reliability
  • Time Quantum
  • Arrival time
  • Also in Network Bandwidth
Most Popular Cloud Computing Algorithms
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • K-Means Clustering also in Algorithm
  • Naïve Bayes Classification Algorithm
  • Ensembles Method
  • Semi-Markov Decision Making
  • State-Action-Reward-State-Action
  • Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient
  • Trust Region Policy Optimization
  • Soft Actor Critic
  • Proximal Policy Optimization
  • Twin Delayed Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient
  • Linear Regression and also in Logistic Regression

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