Cloud Computing Topics

Cloud Computing Topics

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Cloud Computing Topics

  Cloud Computing Topics is the premier service for students and research colleagues with the major scope of offer excellence of projects. We implemented vast array of cloud computing projects with the versatile of experience in cloud computing with the interesting concept of  cloud computing application development including mobile cloud computing, cloud analytics, service science, cloud operations, cloud computing applications, service modeling and analytics, cloud computing platform, edge fog & cloud computing, client cloud computing challenges, cloud security and privacy. Let’s view some interesting cloud computing topics idea,

-Cloud and Service Core Topics

  • Cloud Service Composition and Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Cloud Federation and Interoperability
  • Clouds Energy Issues
  • Adaptive and Dynamic Services
  • Architecture Enterprise and Services
  • Cloud Services using Formal Methods
  • Service Life Cycles and Service Governance

-Cloud and Service Engineering

  • Container Deployment
  • Model Driven Service Engineering
  • Architectural Models
  • Service Privacy and Security
  • Service Design Guidelines
  • Building Service based Applications
  • Self-Organizing Service Oriented Architectures in cloud

-Social and Business Aspects of cloud and service management

  • Crowd and Social based Cloud
  • Cloud and Service Business Models
  • Core Applications e.g. Energy, Scientific Computing, Finance, Smart Cities, Health, Big Data

-Cloud Computing Technologies

  • RESTful Services and clouds
  • DevOps in the cloud
  • Microservices management and Deployment
  • Emerging Trends in computation, storage and network clouds
  • Next Generation Service Repositories and Services Middleware

-Cloud Special Track on Internet of Things

  • Edge/Fog Computing
  • Real-Time and Embedded Services
  • Fog to Multi Cloud Services
  • IoT service Engineering
  • Cloud to Fog Computing Solutions
  • IoT Delivery Models
  • IoT Clouds and Services
  • IoT Service Engineering
  • Mobile Services and Clouds

Cloud Computing Drivers, challenges and implication 2017:

  • PaaS and IaaS Cloud Services Convergence
  • Industry Clouds: Rapidly Growing Segments
  • Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence: Drive Cloud Adoption
  • Alter Cloud Management and Platform Strategies by Containers
  • Hyper-scale Providers on Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Platform and Services
  • Severless Computing
  • Workload Acceleration
  • Data Center Proliferation
  • Hardened/ Trusted/ Shield VMs
  • Cloud Based Management on Mobile Assets and Premises

Emerging Cloud Computing Topics 2017:

  • Energy Aware Processor Margining Algorithms in Heterogeneous Cloud Computing for Deadline Constrained Parallel Applications
  • Ka-Band Packet Transmission Dynamic Optical Fiber Delivery for Wireless Access Networks
  • Corporative Architecture in Joint-Cloud Computing for Multiple Cloud Service
  • Anonymous Distributed Fine-Grained Access Control Protocol in Public Cloud with Verifiable Outsourced Decryption
  • A Trusted Paradigm within a SDN Environment for Network Applications
  • Heterogeneous Metrics Based Fuzzy Approach for Scaling Out Public Clouds
  • Distributed Medium Access Control (MAC) Scheduling Strategy in 5G Networks for C-Ran with Non-Ideal Front-haul
  • Fog Computing Augmentation Using Vehicular Cloud Computing
  • An Internet of Things (IoT) Environmental Data Collection System in Crop Fields for Fungal Detection
  • AEGLE’s Cloud Infrastructure for Containerized Accelerated Analytics and Resource Monitoring
  • Orchestrating Resource Allocation Using Hybrid Controller for Interactive vs Batch Services
  • Optimal Task Dispatching with Dynamic Power and Speed Management on Multiple Heterogeneous Multi-server Systems
  • Rule Evaluation Based Service Oriented Monitoring System for Home Annotation
  • Online Hotel Reviews World Cloud for Analyze Customer Satisfaction
  • RST (Rough Set Technique) and HST (Hybridized SMOTE Technique) Based Medical Data Classification Scheme