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Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Thesis

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Innovative concepts of resource allocation in cloud computing thesis

Classes of Resource Allocation in Cloud

  • Strategic-based Resource Allocation
    • AI-based Resource Allocation
    • Predictive Resource Allocation
    • Also in Dynamic Resource Allocation
  • Parameters/Objectives-based Resource Allocation
    • Cost-based Resource Allocation
      • Provider Revenue
      • User Expenses
      • Resource Cost
      • And also in Provider Profit
    • Efficiency-based on also Resource Allocation
      • Speed or Bandwidth
      • Response Time
      • Execution Time
      • Priority
    • Load Balancing-based Resource Allocation
      • Workloads
    • Power-based Resource Allocation
      • Energy
      • Temperature
    • QoS-based Resource Allocation
      • Availability
      • Reliability
      • Fault Tolerance
      • Throughput
      • Recovery Time
      • Also in SLA
    • Utilization-based Resource Allocation
      • Utilization
Currently, Supported Resource Allocation Algorithms
  • Agent based Priority Heuristic Algorithm
  • Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
  • Priority based Weighted Fair Scheduling Algorithm
  • Cost based Resource Allocation Algorithm
  • Gang Scheduling
  • Coffmann-List Scheduling Algorithm
  • Greedy and also in Horizon Algorithm
  • Most fit Resource Allocation Algorithm
  • SLA Aware Resource Allocation
  • Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm
  • Adversarial Learning (GAN)
  • Neural Machine Translation
  • Multi-Agent Learning Algorithm

Resource Allocation Mechanisms

  • Control Theory Approaches
  • Utility based Approaches
  • Machine Learning Approaches
  • Resource Allocation Policies
    • Threshold based Policies
    • Sequential Based Policies
  • MapReduce Configuration
  • Resources Work Distribution
  • Resource Optimization and also in Selection
Project Ideas – Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Thesis
  • Multi-Resource Fair in Heterogeneous Cloud
  • Best Response also for Resource Allocation in the Cloud
  • Task Scheduling and also Resource Allocation by Game Theory
  • QoS and Mobility Aware Optimal Resource also for Data Offloading
  • SDN-NFV enabled Cloud in VNF and also Elastic Security
  • Vehicular Cloud Resource Allocation
  • Joint Resource Allocation and Storage using Stable Matching
  • Error Handling also for User Execution using MapReduce
  • Delay Bounded Optimal User Association also in W-MAN
  • Adaptive Cloud Control also in Shared Resources
  • Tabu Search for VM Consolidation also in Virtualized Data Centers
  • VM-aware SDN Clouds also for QoS Improvement

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