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PhD Thesis in Cloud Computing Security

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Implementing PhD Thesis in Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing Security Attacks

  • Authentication Attacks
  • Man-in-the Middle Attacks
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Side Channel Attacks
  • Cache Poisoning
  • DNS Amplification
  • IP Address Spoofing
  • Registrar Hijacking
Current Solutions Mechanism for Security Attacks
  • XML Encryption and Signature [XML Attacks]
  • Web Service Level Agreement [SLA Monitoring]
  • SOAP Security Extension [Web services Attacks]
  • Amazon DevPay [System Availability]
  • Traffic Encryption [Man in the Middle Attack]
  • Network monitoring [IP Spoofing]
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention system [Port Scanning]
  • Logical Network Firewalls and Segmentation [DDOS]
  • Hadoop based Defense Solution [DoS Attack]
  • BASE (BGP Anti-Spoofing Extension) [IP Address Spoofing]
  • DNS Dampening [DNS Amplification]
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol optimized firewalls [Registrar Hijacking]
Advanced Topics – PhD Thesis in Cloud Computing Security
  • Agent based Secure Multi-Party Computation in Cloud
  • Cyber Threats Detection also in Virtualized Cloud
  • VM Scheduling using Dynamic Programming in Cloud
  • Anomaly Categorization in Multi-Cloud
  • Source Side DDoS Attacks Detection also in Cloud
  • Proxy-based Connection in Hybrid Cloud Virtual Network
  • Data Reconstruction also in Environmental Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Secure Mobile Cloud and Data Storage using RSA and Hashing
  • Hybrid Bayesian Network Infrastructure by MapReduce
  • Dynamic Encrypted Data Sharing also in Cloud Storage
  • Secure Data Access Control in IIoT based Fog
  • Secure Data Offloading in the Mobile Edge Cloud

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