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Cloud Computing Project Ideas

Cloud Computing is a technique of distribution of computing service from one location to another through the internet. Also, these applications, services, software can be accessed from any part of the world at user terminal.

This page is about the groundbreaking current Cloud Computing Project Ideas with predicted research advancements information!!!

Specifically, cloud computing is popularly referred as the Internet assisted computing system. It enables the system to share data, services, software, resources, software within the connected network based on the demand of user. Below, we have included the impact creating characteristics of cloud computing.

What are the Key Features of Cloud Computing?

  • Disaster Recovery
  • SaaS Auto-Updates
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • On-Demand Self Services
  • Elasticity and Resource Pooling
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Scalability and Flexibility
Implementing Research cloud computing project ideas

Further, have a look on main kinds of cloud service that cloud service providers are offering for their clients. Each service has unique purpose so the client may choose the service based on their requirements.

What are the different types of cloud services?

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS): These are the application program used by more commercial enterprise and individuals for their personal needs.  And, some of the open cloud services are email, CRM, online games, virtual desktops, etc.
    • For instance: Salesforce, Github, Basecamp, Google Docs, etc
  • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS): It lends the development environment for dev tools, web servers, online databases, execution platform, etc. and
    • For instance: AWS, AppScale, Google App Engine, Engine Yard, Elastic Beanstalk and more
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS): It offers the sophisticated infrastructure that comprises VM, data center, load balance, networks, physical server farms and more.
    • For instance: Open Nebula, Eucalyptus, Open Stack, Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, HP Cloud, etc.

Next, we can see about some important taxonomy that every cloud computing scholar should be aware before get into the deep research. The following things describe the important terminologies in the cloud research field.

Taxonomy of Cloud Computing

  • Simulation Model – Deterministic and Stochastic
  • Essential Entities – Data Center (DC), Users, Servers, Virtual Machine (VM), Communication Links, and Switches
  • Entity’s Attributes – Power Ability and Capacity
  • Primary Functions – Resource / Data Management, Virtual Machine Migration and Task Scheduling
  • Actions – Task and User Arrival and Task Completion
  • Frequency of Events – Allocation of Access Pattern or Task Arrival (e.g., normal, exponential and uniformly random distribution)
  • Process Sequence – Description of connection between Entities, Actions and Outcomes

Our research teams are currently ongoing study on following issues to bring innovative research ideas for scholars who wish to create masterpiece in their cloud computing research career.

What are the issues of cloud computing?

  • Security – In cloud computing, the offering service utilizes third-party to securely store the data. Here, the security is considered to be main threat in practical scenario. One cannot be assured security even they tied up with cloud assisted company at free/low cost.
  • Sustainability – It insists on how long the cloud sustain in spite of any environmental conditions. Majorly, it has an objective to reduce the impact of utilizing cloud services on environment. In some cases, the natural conditions are cool and avail renewably energy at any time. But, it is cannot guaranteed that technically the environment is good to sustain long.
  • Privacy – Here, cloud enable the company to access the users data in regardless of their permission. Hence, it has the high possibility of changing or erasing the information by service provider either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Compliance – In general, many policies are followed by user to host the data. For that, it is necessary to avail the deployment modes but it is not affordable for normal users.
  • Abuse – More importantly, when the client availing the service from providers it is essential to check that the client is not involved in immoral activities.

For instance: the principle of edge cloud is different from multi-cloud/heterogeneous. In edge-cloud, the task performs at loose delay bound but in dense traffic it drops the tasks. In multi-cloud/heterogeneous cloud, the tasks with severe delay bounds are balanced with edge cloud and tasks with loose delay bounds are balanced with remote cloud. For your reference, here we have given few chief properties of cloud.

  • Availability: Here, the database will immediately give reaction to all requests against system failure
  • Partition Tolerance: Though the network links are broken, the database is tolerant enough to continue the regular process
  • Consistency: The return value should not change until obviously altered

Then for you information, we have also listed few important research topics in cloud computing to know the current direction of research.

Cloud Computing Current Topics

  • Cloud Computing Virtualization Model
  • Component Failure Prediction and Recognition
  • Dynamic Cloud Data Load balancing and Resource Allocation
  • Public Cloud Security Architecture Designing
  • Cloud Cryptography Techniques for Data Privacy
  • Trust based Computing Technology Development
  • Data Backup, Separation and Recovery System
  • Key and Access control Management in Cloud Computing
  • Confidentiality and Reliability Verification in Outsourced Data
  • Multi-Tenant Cloud Privacy, Integrity, Availability and Security

From above, we have highlighted the two key operations in cloud computing: resource provisioning and task/workload scheduling. The main roles of these processes are assigning the user job to appropriate available resources. In traditional approaches, the scheduling fails to satisfy the user needs since it does not care about the QoS. Hence, the demand of meeting QoS constrains is increasing day-by-day.

Resource Allocation and Scheduling (RAS) Algorithms in Cloud Computing

In accordance with various QoS constraints (budget, deadline) the workflow scheduling procedure and techniques are classified into three portions as given below,

  • Performance & Cost based RAS – Scheduling the workflow
  • Performance based RAS – Reliability and Locality aware Task Scheduling
  • Cost based RAS – SaaS Layer RAS

The scholars are looking forwards to achieve Cloud Computing Project Ideas for efficient resource allocation and task scheduling processes. As a result, it improves the efficiency of the whole system. Also, we have given the some advanced project ideas that scholars mostly prefer.

 Best Project Areas in Cloud Computing

  • Multimedia cloud computing
  • Mobile cloud computing
  • Energy management in cloud center
  • SDN/NFV, and big data
  • Security and privacy in cloud
  • Internet of things in cloud
  • Cloud radio access network
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • SDN-enabled mobile networks
  • Cloud in smartgrid application
  • Cloud programming models, tools & benchmarks

To the great extent, we also extend our support in other cloud computing research areas. From those areas, our experts have handpicked numerous thought-provoking research ideas and some of them are highlighted below along with current cloud computing technologies.

Some Cloud Computing Project Ideas

  • Sensitive/Non-sensitive Data Handling
  • Governance Solutions Assessment
  • Resources Instantaneous Provisioning
  • Unstructured Data Controlling in the Cloud
  • Static and Dynamic IP addresses Handling
  • Migration Planning and Vendor Selection
  • Replication and also Data Security
  • Data Center Power Management (Power prediction)
  • Location based Social Network also for Recommendation
  • LiDAR Data Cloud based Remote Scene Classification

Cloud Computing Technologies – Recent

  • Building a cloud server (vSphere and also in VMWareESXi)
  • Building a private cloud (WAMP, LAMP and eyeOS)
  • Recruiting application (Salesforce)
  • Warehouse management system (Salesforce)
  • Pushbots cloud application (Cloud PaaS)
What are major simulators used for cloud environments name any five?

Cloud Computing supports so many diverse simulation tools and technologies and still more simulators are under development stage. These tools are differing with each other by their individual functionalities. So, the scholar needs to give extra attention to the simulation selection process. One should choose the development tool based on the requirement. For your reference, here we have given the commonly used simulators,

  • iCanCloud
  • CloudSim
  • NetworkCloudSim
  • CloudAnalyst
  • CloudReports

Simulation Parameters for Cloud Computing

Once, the proposed work is completed developed through the simulation tool. Then the entire the performance of the proposed system should be directly assessed by the metrics. Each project varies with their achievements, some may adopt virtualization approaches, few may attempts to attain energy efficiency and more. For instance: energy-aware RAS parameters are given in the following,

  • Fairness
  • Consistency
  • Data Locality
  • Global Optimization
  • Execution Efficiency
  • Resource Consumption
  • Energy / Power Utilization

Last but not least, we have enumerated some novel research ideas that gain more attention in research world. Further, if you want more, then contact us.

Research Ideas in Cloud Computing

  • Cloud based Big Data Analytics and Storage Solutions
  • Multi-cloud and Hybrid-cloud Data Management
  • Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Recovery System
  • Modeling of Cloud Test and Development Environment
VM Migration

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  • Literature Survey
  • Research Proposal
  • System Development
  • AWS Integration
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  • Paper Writing
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