5 Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects

5 Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects

      5 Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects offer energetic scientific atmosphere which help and support worldwide students and research community to enhance their research skill for innovate something new in this real-time technological environment. On account of, we provide real-time IEEE standard projects for all final year students (BE, BTech, BSC, BCA, ME, MTech, MCA and MPhil) and researchers (MS, PhD) with the real-time project development guidance based on their needs. Here, we listed our unique features,

  • Experienced experts with the World Class Certification
  • Extraordinary Guidance in Practical Session
  • Latest IEEE/Non-IEEE Projects
  • Software Installation Guidance With Advanced Technology
  • Served 10000+ scholars and more than 100+ university rank holders
  • Free Project Development Guidance

5 Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects

       5 Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects provide genius scrutiny background for you to develop state-of-the-art research on the enrich quality of intellectual journey. Our “Worldwide No. 1” ground-breaking research development team provides their resourceful and ingenious research notions for students and researchers in cloud computing projects as like vehicular cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, multiple clouds & data centers, cloud computing testbeds and so on.

Let’s see about our 5 Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects,

  • Dynamic Flow Scheduling in Optical Data Centers
  • Virtual Machine Image Management in IaaS Clouds
  • Distributed DataCenter Bandwidth Allocation for Cloud based Streaming
  • SLA aware and Energy Efficient Dynamic Overbooking in SDN Cloud
  • Resource Allocation and Energy Minimization in Mobile Cloud with C-RAN

Top 10 Coolest Cloud Computing Programming Languages:

  • The Java Programming Language
  • The SQL Data Language
  • The R Math Language
  • The Clojure Math Language
  • The Haskell Functional Language
  • The Erlang Functional Language
  • The Python Procedural Language
  • The GO Procedural Language
  • The GFM Domain Specific Language
  • The Regular Expression Domain Specific Language

List of 5 Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects Topics:

  • Enhanced Classifier Model for Customer Churn Prediction for and E-Retailer
  • Dynamic Programming Based Cloud Computing Using a Novel Energy Efficient (Virtual Machine)
  • Statistical Tool in Wireless Sensor Network Time Synchronization Protocols for Clock Offset Selection
  • Analyzing Instability Correlation Performance with Several Cloud Parameter and Workflow
  • Integration of Telemedicine Consumer Electronics and Cloud Architecture in Comprehensive Healthcare Interoperability Framework
  • Augmented Coaching Environment for Non-Obtrusive Adaptive Personalized Elderly Case on Cloud Fog Dew Computing Paradigm
  • Systematic Approach by Macro and Micro Structures Preserving for Cross Source Point Cloud Registration
  • Application Overhead, Location Privacy and Congestion in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) Location Based Services
  • Data Distribution Sequence Using Multi-Granularity Grey Incidence Measurement Method
  • Performance Overhead Comparison Among Container and Hypervisor Based Visualization
  • Collaborative Key Management Protocol for Cloud Data Sharing in Cipher-text Policy Attribute Based Encryption
  • Robust Remote Environments Haptic Exploration by Streamed Point Cloud Data
  • Double Stage Hierarchical Hybrid PSO Artificial Neural Network Model for Predict Short-Term Wind Power
  • Research on Optimal Segmentation Theory Based Power Engineering Investment Monitoring and Early Warning
  • Spectrum, Antenna and Capacity Trade-Off Through Next Generation PONs for Cloud Radio Access Network Massive Distributed MIMO