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Cloud Computing Open Source Projects will cover the 1000’s of ideas for developing open-source projects in the Cloud. We will follow our own words, i.e., ‘your work is yours alone.’ It means that it will not share with other people. Thus, the world spread with our unique ideas from all of them.

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Your code execution part is so special for you since it is a super chance for our customers to get error-free codes. Further, our developers are experts in all the simulation tools. Hence, we can also develop your Cloud Computing Open Source Projects in any version of the simulation tool. Furthermore, all our services are reliable and also secure at a low cost.

Research Implementation of cloud Computing Open Source Projects

Cloud Computing Technologies

  • Autonomic Techniques for Cloud Applications
  • Policy Languages and also Programming Models
  • Cloud Native enabled Applications
  • Integration of Cloud Edge Devices and also Systems
  • Virtualization Technologies and also Others
  • Cloud Computing Middleware at all layers (XaaS)

Cloud Computing Technical Trends

  • Clouds Legacy Applications
  • Cloud Quality Assessment
  • Power Consumption in MCC
  • Security and Auditability also in Cloud based Services
  • Cross Layers in Cloud Workflows
  • Multiple Cloud Applications and also in Data Stores
  • Orchestration and Integration for Cloud Applications Deployment
The Best Open Source Cloud Computing Simulators
  • CloudSim
  • iCanCloud
  • GroundSim
  • CloudAnalyst
  • GreenCloud
  • iFogSim
  • DCSim (Data Centre Simulation)
Best Open Source Cloud Computing Software
  • Open Source Cloud Storage Software
    • SheepDog
    • OpenStack
    • Ceph
    • GlusterFS
  • OpenSource Cloud Compute Cloud
    • OpenStack
    • OpenNebula
    • Eucalyptus
    • Also in Apache CloudStack
  • Open Source PaaS Model
    • Cloudify
    • Stackato
    • WSO2 Stratus
    • Cloud Foundry
    • OpenShift
Well-Defined Topics – Cloud Computing Open Source Projects
  • Improved Replica Placement in HDFS
  • QoS Factors Analysis for Trusted Cloud
  • Power and Resource Allocation using DRL
  • Energy Internet in Cloud using Harmonic Power Flow
  • Priority Queuing also in Electric Vehicles Charging
  • Aircraft Failure Rate Forecasting in Cloud
  • M/M/c/r Queuing Model also in Cloud

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VM Migration

Key Services

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  • AWS Integration
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