Cloud Computing Dissertation Topics

Cloud Computing Dissertation Topics

  Cloud Computing Dissertation Topics give greater opening for you to conquer your success with an excellence of achievements. We lay the foundation for national and international level students and research philosophers who pursuing M.E/M.Tech/PhD/M.S from various departments such as computer science, information technology, computer application, electrical and electronic engineering, electrical and communication engineering. We provide the best training for students and researchers in cloud computing for the immense scope of raising their knowledge. We offer complete source code and project documentation with the live demo/ practical explanations. Through this admirable service our popularity is reached in world’s each and every curve and turning. Would you have keen to avail our Cloud Computing Dissertation Topics service? You can be in communication with us now.

Cloud Computing Dissertation Topics

  Cloud Computing Dissertation Topics is a Nobel Research Atmosphere for scholars to explore their knowledge in this field. Our experts are always stand with you to provide advanced collection of Cloud Computing Dissertation Topics in immense of research aspects namely cloud federation & interoperability, Cloud based energy issues, crowd & social based cloud, cloud processing models (on-premises integration, public integration and hybrid integration), cloud management etcIf you completed your work with us, your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, since you are a role model.

A good Dissertation organized into chapters would classically look like the following:

  • Title page (The front page that covers all the research and authors information)
  • Abstract (Work summary including existing schemes, scope, methodology and findings)
  • Table Contents (The overall page including list of chapters, figures, lists, tables about the thesis)
  • Chapter 1 Introduction/Background (A brief project description that consider behind the project)
  • Chapter 2 Literature Survey (A list of literatures summary description that supporting in project)
  • Chapter 3 – Research Methodology (A brief explanation of methods/algorithms that used in research)
  • Chapter 4 – Data Analysis (A collection of data support and analyzing the data)
  • Chapter 5 – Results and Discussion ( Results of the research work and description)
  • Chapter 6 – Executive Summary (Conclusions and further research based on data analysis and current technology)
  • References (A list of references that cited in Thesis)
  • Appendices (Supplementary information of Thesis)

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Cloud Computing Dissertation Topics for Students:

  • Toward EATS (Energy Aware Task Scheduling) Framework in Cloud Computing Architecture for Divisible Load Applications
  • Offloading Communication Control Logic in Graphics Processing Unit Accelerated Applications
  • Schedule Cost Efficient Workload in Cloud Assisted Mobile Edge Computing
  • Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II (NSGA) for Optimizing Level Wise Load Balanced Scientific Workflow Execution
  • Device to Device Aided Collaborative Mobile Clouds Using Energy Efficient Admission Control and Resource Allocation
  • GaaS Workload Characterization for Virtualized GPU Under NUMA Architecture
  • Coherent Application Delivery on Dockers Containers Virtual Machines hybrid Distributed Computing Structure
  • Event Detection in Water Monitoring Applications with Multivariate Water Parameters
  • Electronic Invoicing Solution Development with Tax Collection E-government Paradigm to Integrate SMEs
  • Optimal Load Distribution in Cloud for Virtual Machine Based DDoS Attacks
  • Cloud Based Openflow Firewall in Smart Grid AMI Networks for Mitigation Against DDoS Attacks
  • Service Provider Selection Based on Combinational Auction in Mobile Edge Computing Networks
  • Mobile Edge Cloud Demonstration for Internet Tactile Using 5G Gaming Application
  • Cloud Based Platform Development for Multimodal Conversational Artificial Intelligence Robotics in Social Robotics
  • An Adaptive and Elastic Cloud Based Paradigm for Service Oriented Computing in Internet of Things (IoT)