Cloud Computing Final Year Project Ideas

Cloud Computing Final Year Project Ideas

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Cloud Computing Final Year Project Ideas

   Cloud Computing Final Year Project Ideas offer ultimate research development service with the motivation of help predominance of students and research intellectuals to fulfill their graduation successfully with the best career. Due to, we provide highly modernized projects for scholars in various cloud computing paradigm including enterprise centric cloud computing, mobile edge computing, cloud computing with LTE Pro, HPC (High Performance Computing) in cloud etc.  Here’s, we provide cloud service models and project ideas for your better understanding.

Let’s have a discussion of cloud computing project ideas,     

  • Cloud Resource Allocation using Dynamic Auction Scheme
  • Dynamic Load Balancing over Clouds for Data Multicasting
  • SLA Aware Resource Management of Multi-tier Web applications in a cloud
  • Scalability software improvement for Web Services Composition
  • Profit Driven Service Request Scheduling in Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Security Issues
  • Online Virtual Cluster Provisioning for Resource Management
  • From Service Clouds to User-Centric Personal clouds
  • Profile Based Approach for Cloud Applications
  • Comparison of MapReduce, SCALA, ERLANG and PIG
  • Open Source Cloud Application solution with Cloud Services

Cloud Computing Services:

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service(SaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS)
  • Network-as-a-Service(NaaS)
  • Business-as-a-Service(BaaS)
  • Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS)
  • Identity-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)
  • Database-as-a-Service/Strategy-as-a-Service(DaaS/SaaS)

Current Cloud Computing Final Year Project Ideas based Topics:

  • Real-Time Thermography Streaming by Cloud Based E-Health Video Encoding Framework
  • Layered Hierarchical Caching Over Cloud Radio Access Network for SVC Based HTTP Adaptive Streaming
  • A Cache Node Selection Mechanism within Cloud Based Systems for Service Composition and Data Replication
  • Towards Secure Data Sharing Using Attributed Based Proxy Re-Encryption in Cloud Computing with Keyword Search
  • Distinct Dynamic Broadcasting Technique Enhancement in Object Detection and Tracking Architecture with Cloud
  • Resource Provisioning in a Smart Home Environment for Cloud Assisted Body Area Network
  • Communication Aware Task Placement on DaaS Based Cloud for Workflow Scheduling
  • Coordinated Rate Adaptation in Cellular Networks for HTTP Adaptive Streaming
  • Cost Based Object Placement Approach for DBaaS Cloud on Hybrid Storage System
  • Anomaly Detection Fabric for Collaborative Virtual Machine (VM) Communities Based Clouds
  • Comparative Joint Encryption and Watermarking Algorithms Analysis for Biomedia Images Security
  • Discovering Shared State for Window Based Multi-Pattern Streaming Analytics in Key-Value Store
  • Improving QoE (Quality of Experience) Through Fog Computing in Future Wireless Access Networks
  • Applied Machine Learning Predictive Analytics to Detect and Prevent SQL Injection Attack
  • Delay Maximization in Internet of Things (IoT) Framework Through Collaborative F2F (Fog to Fog) Communication