Cloud Computing Open Source Projects

Cloud Computing Open Source Projects

   Cloud Computing Open Source Projects provide earth-shattering research development platform which offer intellectual solutions for research fellows (PhD/MS) and students (M.E/M.Tech, B.E/B.Tech). Nowadays, we have 100+ highbrow knowledgeable experts with the significant and royal experience in the research field of cloud computing. Using our miraculous knowledge and rich experience, we prepare cores of sophisticated projects for scholars with our Nobel research development training. By our ground of expert’s training, research intellectuals and students can easily develop immense of complex and ground-breaking research applications and projects in their future profession. Would you like to learn more from us? Get in touch with us today. We are here to help you.

Cloud Computing Open Source Projects

    Cloud Computing Open Source Projects is our awe-exiting research development service introduced with the huge motivation of provides cutting-edge projects for research intellectuals and students in low cost. Our strong teams of professionals are expert in cloud computing research field and we offer efficient cloud computing skills for you such as data integration & analysis skill, mobile app management & development, security & compliance, vendor & contact negotiation, project management skill, business needs analysis etc.    This page will help you in:

  • Understand the Cloud Computing Technologies available
  • Understand the Business/Technical Trends
  • Provide some Open Source Cloud Computing Simulators available
  • Give you an understanding of The Main Considerations in Cloud

Cloud Computing Technologies:

  • Autonomic Techniques for Cloud Applications
  • Policy Languages and Programming Models
  • Cloud Native enabled Applications
  • Integration of Cloud Edge Devices and Systems
  • Virtualization Technologies and Others
  • Cloud Computing Middleware at all layers (XaaS)

Cloud Computing Business/Technical Trends:

  • Cloud Adoption Approach and Factors
  • Clouds Legacy Applications
  • Business Processes Protection on the Cloud
  • Cloud Services Business Transformation
  • Cloud Application Technologies
  • Cloud Quality Assessment
  • Power Consumption in MCC
  • Security and Auditability in Cloud based Services
  • Cross Layers in Cloud Workflows
  • Multiple Cloud Applications and Data Stores
  • Orchestration and Integration for Cloud Applications Deployment

The Best Open Source Cloud Computing Simulators:

  • CloudSim
  • iCanCloud
  • GroundSim
  • CloudAnalyst
  • GreenCloud
  • DCSim (Data Centre Simulation)

The Best Open Source Cloud Computing Software:

-Open Source Cloud Storage Software

  • SheepDog
  • OpenStack
  • Ceph
  • GlusterFS

-OpenSource Cloud Compute Cloud

  • OpenStack
  • OpenNebula
  • Eucalyptus
  • Apache CloudStack

-Open Source PaaS Model

  • Cloudify
  • Stackato
  • WSO2 Stratus
  • Cloud Foundry
  • OpenShift

The Main Considerations in Cloud:

  • Data formats
  • Premium and custom configurations
  • Proprietary cloud APIs
  • Cloud management tools
  • Data controls and access
  • Service density with one service provider
  • Customized web cloud services (e.g. Database)

Well Research Cloud computing Open Source Projects Titles:

  • Improved Replica Placement Strategy for Running Hadoop Distributed File System on Loud Platforms
  • Patients Suffering From Voice Complication Using Automatic Health Monitoring System in Smart Cities
  • Correlation Between Quality of Service Attributes Modeling in Cloud Computing Environments for Trust Computation
  • Cloud Power Management and Resource Allocation Hierarchical Framework Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Selective Replication Design and Modeling for Fault Tolerant High Performance Computing (HPC) Applications
  • Energy Internet Using Cloud Computing Model Based Uncertain Harmonic Power Flow Algorithm
  • Optimal Priority Queuing for Cloud Computing for Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging-Discharging Service
  • Holt-Winters Seasonal Model Based Aircraft Failure Rate Forecasting Method
  • Cloud Computing Centers Performance Analysis Serving Parallelizable Rendering Jobs by M/M/c/r Queuing Frameworks
  • Research on Cloud Computing Using Massive Remote Sensing Data for Disaster Monitoring
  • Efficient Algorithms in Markovian Dependability Model for Analyzing Cascading Failures
  • A Novel Privacy Aware Public Auditing Strategy for Sharing Cloud with Group Users
  • Information Security Evaluation Study of Big Data Based Cloud Computing Environment
  • Attribute and Time Factors Joined Access Control in Public Cloud for Time Sensitive Data
  • Epidemic Information Spreading Strategy Based on Optimal Control Theory for Mobile Social Users with Energy Constraint