Cloud Computing Project Ideas for Students

Cloud Computing Project Ideas for Students

  Cloud Computing Project Ideas for Students offer grand opportunities for you to become as a universal-shaking scientist in this competitive nature. On account of this, our miraculous knowledgeable experts are dedicating in their professional life for creating scientific young generation of students and research intellectuals. Today, we designed our Cloud Computing Project Ideas for Students service give real-world training based on student’s requirement to attain everyone’s career dream. You can contact us to gain our experts support and help. We are trying to serve our best.

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Cloud Computing Project Ideas for Students

  Cloud Computing Project Ideas for Students is our phenomenal project development service which is introduced for national and international level students and research society to outreach their daydream of career. During our cloud computing project development, you can easily learn about components of cloud computing, include

 “Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud mitigation, deploying Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Cloud computing is simply means that storage, communication and processing. In future, very wide range of applications has been developed using cloud components”.

Advanced Cloud Research Innovation:

-Federated Cloud Networking

-Cloud Security

-Automated Discovery and Services Composition

-Dynamic Configuration, Cloud Resources Orchestration and Automated Provisioning

-High Performance Heterogeneous Cloud Infrastructure’s

-Trusted Cloud Systems using Innovative Platforms

  • Need open source software for trusted and innovative cloud based services

-Support and Coordination actions over Cloud

  • Collaboration among cloud research projects
  • SLAs Reference Models for Cloud

-Network Infrastructure Services

  • Deploy Network as a Service model
  • SDN for Inter cloud and Intra cloud Data centers
  • On-Demand Network Infrastructure Provisioning
  • NFV (Unified Description Languages)
  • Cloud Oriented Virtualized Networks Isolation and Flexibility
  • Optical Network Service Provisioning Standardization
  • Policy based Infrastructure Services Management
  • Cloud Resources Autonomic Management
  • Multi-cloud Applications and Topologies
  • Self Service Provisioning for Composed Services
  • Fog and Dew Computing based on Network Support

Now, let’s look at some next generation open source cloud tools,

  • Ceph (Distributed Object Store and File System)
  • Gluster (Scalable File System for Storage Solutions)
  • Nexentastor (Open Source SDS Platform)
  • OpenStack Cinder (Block Storage Service)
  • Floodlight (Open SDN Controller)
  • Indigo (Open Source Project)
  • Neutron (Network Service Provider)
  • ONOS (SDN OS for High Performance Service provider)
  • OpenvSwitch (Enable Massive Network Automation)
  • OpenDaylight (Network Automation Platform)

Some of the topics related Cloud Computing Project Ideas for Students includes, but not limited to:

  • On the Energy Efficiency of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) in Multi-Tier Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Network (CRAN) for Wireless Backhaul
  • Dynamic Virtual Machine Placement Method in Geographically Distributed Cloud Data Centers for Energy and Carbon Cost Maximization
  • Adaptive and Advanced Dispatch by Means of Predictive Models for Smart Grids
  • Advocating Resources Isolation between Multi-tenants in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Cloud Model by Containerization
  • VNF Placement and Chaining Problem Using Scalable and Cost Efficient Algorithms
  • Dynamic Resource Allocation and Predication Using Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm for Cloud Data Center
  • Live Virtual Machine Migration Overhead Evaluation on Client’s Application Perspective
  • Real Parameter Optimization Using Efficient Coordinator Guided Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Power Saving Mechanism Over Re-Broadcasting Iteration Control in MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Networks)
  • A Coalitional Game Based Mechanism in Geo-Distributed Mobile Cloud Computing for Resource Sharing
  • Road Surface Condition Monitoring System Based on a Privacy Preserving Vehicular Crowd-sensing Using Fog Computing
  • Block Design Based Key Agreement in Cloud Computing for Group Data Sharing
  • Cloud Computing Application Perceived Privacy and Security in Educational Ecosystem
  • A Double Stage Hierarchical Hybrid GA-ANFIS Approach for Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting
  • Dynamic Outsourced Auditing Services for Batch Leaves Authenticated Merkle Hash Tree Based Cloud Storage