Cloud Computing Projects for Engineering Students

Cloud Computing Projects for Engineering Students

    Cloud Computing Projects for Engineering Students is world’s famous engineering projects development center which is initiated to enrich engineering students and master’s knowledge and know-how in cloud computing. Our royal experienced team of software engineers and experts provide vast array of complex software and research development services. We build long-standing relationship with our students and research masters by topmost anticipation. Our developers accomplished 1000+ cloud computing projects for engineering students with guaranteed outputs. Do you need our expert’s guidance and development support? You can move towards without any hesitation.

Cloud Computing Projects for Engineering Students

   Cloud Computing Projects for Engineering Students offer top-ranking and top-notch project topics for you to pick optimal project topics from our advanced collections of project topics. Our celebrated professionals are gives genius and virtuoso ideas for computer science engineering students and researchers in cloud computing as like intra-datacenter & inter-cloud SDN, cloud oriented virtualized optical networks, cloud resources automatic management, multi cloud applications & topologies etc.

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  • Engineering Students: B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech
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Let’s talk about cloud computing projects,

 Why it is called “Cloud Computing”?

  • Because, in network frameworks, the Internet is depicted as a cloud
  • Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet

 Two objectives of Cloud Computing:

  • Discovering the cloud service
  • Cloud features use only what you need

Modes of Clouds:

 Public Cloud:

  • Infrastructure hosted by cloud vendor to a public organization
  • Shared information to various organizations
  • Eg. Google, Microsoft, Sales force, Amazon

Private Cloud:

  • Computing infrastructure is dedicated to a specific organizations
  • More secure and private when compare to public cloud
  • Not shared information to other organizations
  • Eg. Sun, Oracle, 3tera, HP datacenter, IBM, etc.

Hybrid Cloud:

  • Public and private cloud integration together is called Hybrid Cloud
  • Critical application can be placed on private clouds

Why do we need Cloud Computing?

  • User-centric
  • Task-centric
  • Powerful
  • Accessible
  • Programmable
  • Intelligent

Key Technologies of Cloud include:

  • Fast-Wide Area Networks
  • Multi-Tenancy Cloud Infrastructure
  • Powerful, and Inexpensive Server Computers
  • High Performance Virtualization for Commodity Hardware

Cloud Computing Concepts:

  • Scalable architecture for scalable infrastructure
  • Vertical and horizontal scaling
  • Virtualization and Deploy encryption
  • Multiple Cloud Providers
  • Offer reputation-guarding services
  • Debugger for Distributed VMs
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing

   Here is a comprehensive list of Cloud Computing Projects for Engineering Students. Please use it before start your project.

  • Gender Classification System Using Multi Manifold Discriminant Analysis for Half Face Images
  • PAM4 Signaling to DCI (Data Center Connectivity) for Intra Data Center and Data Center
  • Developing Dynamic Routing Flows Algorithms and Methods of Applications & services in Heterogeneous Cloud Platform
  • Hyper-spectral Compressed Sensing for Extract End-member
  • Multiple Big Data Analysis Platforms Development for Business Intelligence
  • Muliti-Cloud Data Intensive Applications Using Defining Intercloud Security Architecture and System Components
  • Consistent Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) Data Registration Using Global Closed Form Refinement
  • Locality Enhanced Distributed Memory Cache on High Performance Computers to Accelerate Applications
  • A Game Theoretic Method in Cloud Environment for Virtual Machine to Hypervisor Attacks Detection
  • Enhancing Resiliency Against DDoS Attacks by VNF Services of Multipath Orchestration and SDN
  • Scheduling Cost Aware Streaming and Caching for Efficient Cloud Based TV
  • Architectural Runtime Virtualization and Modeling in Cloud Applictaion for Quality Aware DevOps
  • Parameter Estimation Problem Using the Cloud
  • Massively Spread Parallel Simulations of Infectious Diseases Throughout Realistic Social Networks
  • Data Acquisition from Ex-zones Using Energy Independent Remote Transmission Unit