Cloud Computing Related Projects

Cloud Computing Related Projects

     Cloud Computing Related Projects offers highly advanced learning experience for profusions of research scholars and students to working on leading edge and state-of-the-arts projects. Cloud Computing Related Projects provided by our rich and 10 + years experienced professionals who guide scholars to really do it. The project development is not only give noble learning experience, but it help for future research career. By the period of our scholars graduate, they are qualified to share their participation with an interviewer in several successful researches and projects which can help scholars to gain best career and assist them to prepare become entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists of the future.

Cloud Computing Related Projects

     Cloud Computing Related Projects is found with the aim of help scholars to provide up-to-the-minute and cutting edge projects in reasonable price. Today, cloud computing is anywhere and everywhere. We renovate our knowledge using uptrend cloud computing technologies and research ideas including machine learning & artificial intelligence, real-time stream analytics & processing (Amazon kinesis and Apache Spark), create private cloud network with virtual network etc.

      ..…”Cloud Computing Related Projects provides IEEE, Application, Real-time, Web Application projects for all final year students (B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech, MSc, PhD, MS). We help them with Technical Assistance for both the types (students have own project ideas and students select topic from our list)”.

     “Cloud is The Next Big Strategy than Technology……Where you can discover the most amazing things”.

Technical Assistance on the following areas:

  • Cloud Computing Applications
  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Cloud Networking for Storage Computing
  • Cloud Computing Analytics and Management Tools
  • Cloud Computing Platforms (Amazon, Google and Microsoft)

Emerging Best Practices over Cloud:

-Real-Time Data Gathering and Storing

  • Financial Analyses
  • Real-Time Log Analysis
  • Gaming and Media Applications
  • Social Media Trend Analysis

-Scalable Applications Development with NoSQL Databases

-Low Cost Business Progressing Intelligence Projects

  • Fault Tolerance
  • High Performance and Fast Queries
  • Scalability
  • Reduced Overheads
  • No Up-Front Cost

Future Directions in Cloud Computing:

  • Integration Cloud Oriented Technologies (Virtualization and Existing Infrastructures)
  • Grid Services Development over Top of the Virtual Infrastructures
  • Integration of Cloud based Services into Existing e-infrastructures
  • High Level Efficiency in both Cloud and Grid Computing
  • Open Source Components over Cloud

    Getting insight in on-going cloud computing related projects will enhance your research results. Despite different challenges and backgrounds, several areas are relevant for cloud computing related projects. Here’s we represent most valuable and challenging topics in current technological fields for both researchers and final year students.

  • Improved Path Computation for Software Defined Networking Based Wide Area Networks
  • Optimize Task Assignment in Geographically Data Centers
  • Predicting Job Failure in Online Extreme Learning Machine Based Compute Cloud
  • SDN (Software Defined Network) Management in Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Platforms
  • Maximum Entropy (MAXENT) and Genetic Algorithm for Rule-set Production (GARP) for Endangered Philippine Birds Niche Modeling
  • High Throughput Scientific Workflows Deployments on Container Schedulers with Mesos and Makeflow
  • Pose Determination Algorithms Laboratory Test for Uncooperative Spacecraft
  • Efficient Distributed Cloud Computing System Management for Scientific Applications
  • Fog Structure Based Trajectory Preservation for Cloud Location Services
  • A Graph Semantic Based Methodology for Enterprise Cloud Bus System Dynamics Modeling
  • Immersive Learning and Cloud Based Environment Design and Implementation for Distributed Systems Algorithms
  • Integrated Cloud Systems and Wireless Sensors for Ambient Assisted Living
  • Advance Reservation Application Re-provisioning in Elastic Optical Network
  • Combining Social Behaviors and Trust Using an Innovative Matrix Factorization Recommendation Algorithm
  • Optimize Cognitive Context Aware Distributed Storage Using Stable Matching Based Approach in Mobile Computing