Cloud Computing Security Issues Thesis

Cloud Computing Security Issues Thesis

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Cloud Computing Security Issues Thesis

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  • Inter and Intra Cloud Security Issues
  • Clouds Privacy Policies
  • Privacy Enforcement for Cloud Platforms and Applications
  • Secure Management of Virtualized Resources
  • Trusted Computing Technology
  • Computation over Encrypted Data
  • Cloud Access Control and Key Management
  • Secure Cloud Architecture
  • Computation over Encrypted Data
  • Data Protection and Secured Information Sharing in Cloud

Research Issues on Cloud Security:

  • Identity Management
  • Data Security
  • Applications Security
  • Secure Multi-Tenancy
  • Logs and Audit Trails
  • Single Signs On
  • Encryption and Key Management
  • Virtualization Security
  • Storage Security

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Future Topics on Cloud Computing Security Issues Thesis:

  • Industry Cloud Information Security Management Mechanism in Manufacturing Enterprise
  • Decentralized Run-time Monitoring in Cloud Federations for Access Control Systems
  • A System for Enabling Collaboration Security Services Across Multiple Domains
  • Fog and Cloud Integrated Cyber Physical Systems Towards Service Oriented Middleware
  • Security Criteria Regulation Middleware for Web Services Using Security Policy on Multi-Cloud Tenancies
  • Fine Grained Biomedical Applications Restriction and Supervision in Linux Containers
  • Machine Learning Algorithms Detection Feasibility Based Cloud Computing Threats Classification
  • Optimized Multi-Tenant Software Cloud Deployment Considering Data Production Concerns
  • Adaptive Approaches in Internet of Things for Data Protection and Security with Cloud Technologies
  • Content Management Systems Integration Using Efficient Cloud Based Architecture
  • Multifactor Authentication System in CoT (Cloud of Things) Perspective Using Secret Splitting
  • Owner-Stipulated Data Security and Privacy in Mobile Cloud Context for Data Accessing
  • Defining InterCloud Security Architecture Components and Framework for Multi-Cloud Data Intensive Applications
  • Game Theoretic Method for Detect Virtual Machine (VM) to Hypervisor in Cloud Environment
  • A Multi-Dimensional Reputation and Trust Calculation Methodology for Cloud Computing Paradigms