Cloud Computing Security Thesis Proposal

Cloud Computing Security Thesis Proposal

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Cloud Computing Security Thesis Proposal

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Our Thesis Proposal Writing Process:

  • Prewriting (Objectives, Purpose of Writing, etc.)
  • Writing (Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency)
  • Responding (Peer Evolution)
  • Revising (Clarification, Reorganizing, Refining, using Precise Language)
  • Editing (Conventions)
  • Publishing/Sharing (Websites)

Cloud Security Risks Factors:

  • Authentication for Users
  • Natural Disasters
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Data Integrity
  • Access and Availability
  • Data Security
  • Data Location
  • Data Segregation
  • High Network Load

The Future of Cloud Computing Security:

 To date, our best experts in the field of cloud security have 10+ years of experience. They are expertise in a much broader set of security tools. In some cases, they used integrated and latest technology to solve a new task, even though it had already developed. Here are some of the latest technologies:

  • Self-Protected Data (Intrinsically Safe Data)
  • Trusted Monitor
  • Cloud with Big Data Analytics
  • Smart City Applications in IoT
  • Machine to Machine Computing
  • Bandwidth Alternatives
  • And many more

Research Topics on Cloud Computing Security Thesis Proposal:

  • Security as a Service Under Advanced Persistent Threats for Cloud Enabled IoCT (Internet of Controlled Things)
  • Brokering Approach Based on Semi-Markov Detection Model for Mobile Cloud Market
  • Ensuring Reliable Logging in Untrusted Cloud Storage for Data Accountability
  • Reliability Scheme of Efficient IDA Based Proof for Cloud Computing Environments
  • Virtualized Network Views for Misbehaving Sources in SDN (Software Defined Networks) Data Planes
  • Reliable Multi-Party Data Communications in Augmented IoT (Internet of Things) Paradigm Based on Cloud
  • Assuring Virtual Network Function Host Sealing and Image Integrity in Telco Cloue
  • An Efficient Encryption Mechanism with Decryption of Variable Outsource in Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Encryption Approach Based on Efficient Identify for Smart City with Equality Test
  • Conditional Proxy Broadcast Re-Encryption Based Dynamic Encrypted Data Sharing Pattern for Cloud Storage
  • Secure Data Access Control in Fog Computing with Computation Outsourcing and Cipher Text Update for Internet of Things
  • A Concurrent and Distributed Offloading Framework to Mobile Edge Cloud Computing
  • Cloud based Openflow Firewall Against Attacks for Mitigation in Smart Grid AMI Networks
  • Security Measurement Used for Intelligent Transportation on Cloud Based Cyber-Physical transportation
  • Improving Image Privacy and Security Using Steganography in Cloud Paradigm