Cloud Computing Security Thesis

Cloud Computing Security Thesis

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Cloud Computing Security Thesis

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To write Thesis on Cloud Computing Security, you must be aware of Cloud Data Security:

  • Data Management at rest
  • Encryption Key Management
  • Access Controls
  • Long Term Resiliency
  • Data Protection in Motion
  • Data Residency and Breach Notification
  • Interception through unauthorized users
  • Interruption leads lost, unusable or unavailable
  • Modification on Original information

Let’s see few basic cryptographic concepts and applications,

-Symmetric Key based Cryptography

  • Used in: Data Confidentiality –in Data Storage, Secure Transmission and Storage
  • Algorithms: 3DES, AES (128, 192, 256 Bits), RC4, 5, 6
  • Limitations: Cryptanalysis, and Key compromise
  • Alternatives: Secure Key Storage (use VM, HSM restricted file system) and rollover/rotate keys every n years

-Asymmetric Key based Cryptography

  • Used in: Secure Communications and Authentication, Data Origin Authentication, Symmetric Key Exchange
  • Algorithms: Digital Signatures and Certificates, DSA, ECDSA, SHA_x,/RSA
  • Limitations: Private Key Compromise, Signature Forgery, etc.
  • Alternatives: Strong Encryption, Strong Hashes, Secure Private Key Storage

-1-Way Digests and Hashes

  • Used in: Secure Credential Data Storage , Digital Signatures, File Integrity verify
  • Algorithms: SHA-1: 160 bits, SHA-256: 256 bits, SHA-512: 512 bits, MD5: 128 bits
  • Limitations: Hash Collision, Rainbow Attacks, Pre-computed Dictionary Attacks
  • Alternatives: Use SHA-256 upwards (Stronger Versions) and 2-Factor Authentication

-Applications: Certificate Signatures, PGP Signal, Email, etc.

Current Cloud Computing Security Thesis Topics:

  • Data-Intensive Computing Using an Improved Struggler Identification Scheme on Cloud Platforms
  • Network Anomaly Identification with Stochastically Improved Auto-encoder Based Models
  • SaaS Provider Using SQL Injection Intrusion Detection System as a Service
  • Graph Kernel Based Graph Data Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Algorithm
  • Application of Deterministic Dendritic Cell Algorithm to Detect Smart Grid Cyber Attack
  • MPC (Most Privileged Container) for Runtime Behavior Monitoring in Secure Cloud Container
  • Security Recommender and Privacy Preserving System Enrich with Social Tagging and KNN
  • Novel Floating Point Format Implementation in Cloud Computing for Enhancing Bandwidth and Precision
  • Improving Energy Efficiency Running on Cluster for Parallel Applications
  • Conceptual National Information Sharing Security System Development to Combat Cybercrimes
  • Enhanced Replica Placement Policy on Cloud Platforms for Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Internet of Things Eye an Efficient Framework on Organization Level for Dynamic Internet of Things Devices Auto Discovery
  • Li-Fi Based Cyber Security Analysis in Green Data Storage Environments
  • Unsupervised Labeling in Cloud and Enterprise Networks for Supervised Anomaly Detection
  • Search Dynamic verifiable Encrypted Keyword Using Homomorphic MAC and Bitmap Index