Cloud Computing Thesis Topics

Cloud Computing Thesis Topics

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Cloud Computing Thesis Topics

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Cloud Computing Thesis Ideas:

 Cloud Architectures and Applications:

  • Networking Technologies
  • Intercloud Architecture Models
  • Programming models, systems and tools
  • Storage and file systems
  • Resource monitoring and provisioning
  • Disaster Recovery and Energy Efficiency
  • Green Data Centers
  • Virtual Desktops

Cloud Applications and Services:

  • Cloud Powered Services Design
  • Cloud based Services and Protocols
  • Debugging Tools and Application Development
  • Cloud Services Economics and Business Models
  • Cloud Services Availability and Fault Tolerance
  • Cloud Services Standardization and Reference Models
  • Cloud Powered Services Design
  • Workflows Scheduling and Applications

Cloud Big Data Applications:

  • Graph Algorithms
  • Data Lifecycle Management
  • Big Data Privacy and Security Issues
  • Big Data Virtualization on Cloud
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Cloud MapReduce for Big Data Processing
  • Scalable and Approximate Statistical methods

High Performance Computing in Cloud:

  • Middleware Solutions
  • Scalable Scheduling
  • Programming Models
  • Load Balancing
  • Experience and Use cases Reports
  • HPC as a Service
  • Distributed Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Deployment Systems

Distributed Cloud/Edge Computing:

  • Utility and Fog Computing Systems
  • Edge Computing Infrastructure
  • Cloud Brokering Problem
  • Cloudlets Systems
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Energy Efficiency in Cloud:

  • Energy Aware Resource Allocation
  • Scheduling Mechanisms
  • Energy Efficient Computing Infrastructures
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Green Computing Models and Simulations
  • Energy Harvesting, Recycling and Storage
  • Cross layer optimization in Green Networking

Choose your Cloud Computing Thesis Topics that listed in below:

  • Classify Breast Cancer Histopathological Image Based on Deep Learning
  • Search Graph Optimization Using Hadoop and Linux OS (Operating System)
  • End-to-End Trustworthiness Toward Protocol Level and Architectural Foundation in Cloud and Fog Computing
  • Real-Time Analysis Framework and Data Acquisition for Material Related Cyber Physical Environments
  • Toward Gateway in internet of Things Publish and Subscribe Framework to Cloud Offloading
  • Open Access Strategy in Heterogeneous Network Based on Cloud Computing Constrained by Wireless Front-haul
  • Resource Provisioning in Public Clouds for Workflows Based on Task with Deadlines
  • A SIoT Aware Approach in Mobile Crowd-sensing to the Resource Management Issue
  • Application Research on Grey Theory Based Personalized Recommendation Method
  • Soft Real-Time Scheduling Engine in Freemium Companies for Cost Reduction
  • Proposal of virtualized Control System for Multiple Services Integrated Management
  • Human Mobility Patterns Distributed Learning from Cellular Network Data
  • Trust Less Medical Data Sharing Between Cloud Service Providers Through Blockchain
  • IDTAR (Intersection Based Distance and Traffic Aware Routing) Protocol for Smart Vehicular Communication
  • Web Service Model Using Cloud Computing Technologies for Distance Learning