Cloud Computing Topics for Final Year Project

Cloud Computing Topics for Final Year Project

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Cloud Computing Topics for Final Year Project

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Interesting Topics in Cloud:

  • Cloud Computing Systems and Architectures
  • Cloud Resource Virtualization and Management
  • Clouds Virtual Machine Management
  • Clouds High Performance Computing
  • Clouds Big Data Management
  • Clouds Big Data Processing
  • Clouds Stream Data Processing
  • Data Processing GPU Acceleration
  • Data Center Networking
  • Cloud Computing for Software Defined Networking
  • Data Intensive Applications in SDN Cloud
  • Green Cloud Computing and Storage
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Social Networks in Cloud
  • Internet of Things for Cloud
  • Multimedia Systems in Cloud

Cloud Computing Benefits in Service Model Deployment:

  • Increased Security
  • Less Administrative Overhead
  • Lower Infrastructure, Facility and Energy Costs
  • Faster Deployment of Virtual and Physical Resources
  • High Application Service Levels
  • Efficient and Flexible Utilization of Infrastructure Services

Our Project Report Structure

  The Preliminaries

  • Title Page
  • Front Matters (Bonafide)
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures
  • List of Abbreviations

Generic Template for Project Content



-Research Scope and Objectives

-Body of the Report

  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology
  • UML, Data Flow and ER Diagrams
  • Technical Discussion
  • Conclusions and Future Research
  • Findings and Analysis



Current Cloud Computing Topics for Final Year Project:

  • Evaluate Single-Tier and Multitier Cloudlet Assisted Application Performance
  • Optimized Multi-Tenant Software Cloud Deployment Considering Data Protection Concerns
  • An Efficient Public Auditing Protocol for Cloud Data with Novel Dynamic Structure
  • Security Analysis Platform for Distributed Software Defined Based Cloud Paradigm
  • Analyze Cloud Computing Performance Using CloudSim for Distributed Data Center
  • Optical Virtual Network Configuration Methodology for Peripheral Computer Resources and Tightly Coupling Big Data
  • Vehicular Social Networks by a Cloud Based Trust Management Framework
  • A Novel Paradigm Across Data Centers for Fast Virtual Machine Migration
  • Full Duplex Intelligent Communication Framework Development for Deaf and Dumb People
  • Integrated Internet Service Customization Using a Cross Cloud Cooperation Architecture
  • File Heat and Node Load Based Dynamic Replica Creation Strategy in Hybrid Cloud
  • Low Latency Interconnection Networks Using Cable-Geometric Error Prone Mechanism
  • Near Real Time Opportunistic Spectrum Management and Access in Databases Drive CRN (Cognitive Radio Networks) Based on Cloud
  • Share Hybrid Secure and Scalable Electronic Records on Healthcare in Hybrid Cloud
  • Cost Benefit Evaluation for Enhancing Test Efficiency on Parallel Execution Over Cloud