Data Security in Cloud Computing Projects

Data Security in Cloud Computing Projects

  Data Security in Cloud Computing Projects gives surpassing and superfluous support and guidance for you to become as an expert in your future. With that topmost motivation, we help research philosophers and students to gain the real world exposure with our “Universal Best and First Research Organization”. Our research center provide well-known and well-standardized training for students and research scholars from BE, BTech, BSC, BCA, ME, MTech, MCA, MSC, MPhil, MS and PhD (Departments of CS, IT, EE, EC and CA). Do you have an interest to utilize our Data Security in Cloud Computing Projects service? Approach us we offer 24/7 professional support.

Data Security in Cloud Computing Projects

  Data Security in Cloud Computing Projects is a sumptuous knowledgeable environment for scholars to execute knowledge towards their goal. Amazon Web Service is a popular technology which is provide on-demand cloud computing podium to governments, software companies, business and individuals. It implemented at server farms and it compressed wide range of services namely storage, computing, networking, application services, analytics, deployment, database, mobile, management developer tools and more for IoT (Internet of Things). This page will help you in:

  • Data Security Considerations in Cloud Computing
  • Data Protection Techniques in the Cloud
  • Secure Transition Strategies to the Cloud

Data Security Considerations in Cloud Computing:

(The Top 10 Data Security Threats)

  • Data Loss
  • Data Breaches
  • Account Hijacking
  • Denial of Service Attack
  • Insecure APIs
  • Cloud Services Abuse
  • Issues on Shared Technology
  • Insufficient Due Diligence
  • Malicious Insiders

Data Protection Techniques in Cloud:

  • Database Audit and Protection
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Data Centric Approach (Encryption, Key management, strong Access Controls and Security Intelligence)
  • Data Categorization and Identity Management
  • Data Encryption and Store in a System

Secure Transition Strategies to the Cloud

  • Cloud Agility secure leverage using Amazon EC2, Savvis, Rackspace, IBM Smart Cloud etc.
  • Protection of both structured (transparent encryption within databases) and unstructured data (file encryption, big data repositories and more)
  • Use fine grained user and process access control
  • Provide Vormetric Data Security Scheme in the cloud

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Top most Data Security in Cloud Computing Projects Topics:

  • Secure Data Duplication in Cloud Storage with Dynamic Ownership Management
  • Adaptively Secure Conjunctive Query Processing for Cloud Computing Over Encrypted Data
  • Network Management Scheme Based on Cloud Type Virtual Policy Load Experiment for Common Use Between Plural Organizations
  • An Efficient DDoS TCP Flood Attack Prevention and Detection in Cloud Environment
  • A Framework for Big Data Workloads Processing on Volunteered Federated Clouds \
  • VM (Virtual Machine) Methodlogy and Platform for Analyze Netowrk Data with Security and IDS Visualization
  • Post Cloud Computing Implementation Challenges and Benefits Realized for Advanced Technology Company
  • Enhancing Distributed System Reliability by Use of Ricci Flows Based Intrusion Detection System
  • Advocating Resources Isolation Between Multi-Tenants in IaaS Cloud Model by Containerization
  • High Level Software Defined Network (SDN) Vulnerabilities in Telecommunication Network Evolution Context
  • Factors Affecting Cloud Computing Adoption on Decision Makers Views in Healthcare Organization
  • Optimal Load Distribution for Virtual Machine (VM) Based DDoS Attacks Detection in Cloud
  • A Ranked Searchable Encryption Pattern on Public Cloud for Encrypted Data Hosted
  • Resource Allocation Optimization for Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) Elastic Security in Software Defined Network Function Virtualization (SDNFV) Enabled Cloud Computing
  • Resource Scheduling Based on Load Feedback and Data Locality Based on Dynamic Migration in Openstack Based Clouds for Virtual Hadoop Clusters