Final Year Projects on Cloud Computing

Final Year Projects on Cloud Computing

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Final Year Projects on Cloud Computing

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     …”Nowadays, cloud simulators play a vital role in cloud services. It reduces the complexity of the infrastructure while executing new algorithms, measuring the performance of the infrastructure and analyzing security, etc. In order to getting the right tool for your final year projects on cloud computing, here’s we listed some of the cloud simulators with the aim of knowing the features of each tool”.

Cloud Simulators and Features:


  • Java based simulation tool kit that supports highly standardized functionalities like queuing and event processing.
  • The Latest Version of CloudSim is 4.0


  • It has support for user defined policies (i.e. Hosts allocation to Virtual Machines)
  • It is used for large scale cloud computing data centers modeling and simulation
  • Modeling simulation support for host resources provisioning to virtual machines
  • It has the feature to dynamic inclusion of simulate elements, restarts and discontinuations
  • Different data centre network topologies creation, energy aware computational resources and message passing applications


   GUI based Simulator that inherits from CloudSim but it has highly extended capabilities and features. It support for the social network tools evaluation.


  • Graphical User Interface (Used to setting up and viewing results of cloud computing experiments in sorting)
  • It provides graphical output with efficient simulation results in the form of charts and tables
  • CloudAnalyst save simulation scenarios (experiment looping) and it can support the results in the view of XML files and PDF files of the results


   GreenCloud is act like a tool in a simulation environment for energy aware cloud computing data centres. It is an extension of NS-2 packet level network simulator and the latest version is 2.1.2


  • It mainly focused on the cloud network and monitoring cloud computing technologies for energy consumption
  • It has the capability to simulate CPU, memory, networking resources and storage
  • It is an open source and user-friendly software


     It is a cloud computing platform that supports for large storage networks and it is developed over the OMNET++ platform. The latest version is 1.0

Features of icancloud:

  • Possibility to include new components to the iCanCloud repository
  • Customized VMs can be used to simulate multi-core/uni-core systems
  • It provides user-friendly GUI that makes to customize and generate large distributed models

Other Cloud Simulators:

  • TeachCloud
  • Open Cirrus
  • NetworkCloudSim
  • OCT and many more

Final Year Projects on Cloud Computing Topics:

  • Fast Software Birthmarks Comparison for Theft Detection with the Search Engine
  • Container Based Virtualization by Behavior Based Memory Resource Management
  • Rates Arriving Estimation in Multi-Player Games at the Winning Hands with an Imperfect Information
  • Trace Partitioning Strategy on Trace Analysis Environment for Memory Efficiency
  • Real-Time Target Recognition and Detection for Intelligent Visual Surveillance with Deep Convolutional Networks
  • Performance Efficient Service Scheduling and Deployment Methodology for Composite Cloud Services
  • Uncertainly Handling for Executing Workflow Applications in Resource Performance on Clouds
  • Integration of Static and Dynamic Knowledge for Monocular Video Based Facial Expression Recognition
  • Attributed Based Solutions with the Time Restriction Delegate in Cloud Storage for Scalable and Flexible Access
  • Capacity Management Over Cloud Infrastructure with Macro Billing Models for Streaming Applications
  • Experiences Creating a Framework Using AWS Internet of Thing for Smart Traffic Control
  • Efficient Estimation and Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks for Greenhouse Environment
  • A Scalable System Level Emulator for Data Center Servers with all Programmability in Cloud Computing
  • Solving Improved Multi-objective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling
  • Conventional Neural Networks for Supermarket Commodity Identification