Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis

Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis

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Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis

  Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis gives in-depth research knowledge with the high confidential research thesis for students and research scholars. Over the past few decades, we are successfully completed 1000+ Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis for scholars and now we committed 500+ Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis. Today, IT industry is upward every day with the special need of computing and storage.  Due to this, majority of researchers are focusing on load balancing which is process computing resource and distributed workloads through one or more servers to solve difficulties in cloud.

Recent Trends in Cloud Computing Load Balancing:

  • SaaS Adoption Growth
  • Private Cloud Adoption Flattens
  • Exploration of Global Data Center Space
  • Software Defined Storage Adoption Maximization
  • Private Cloud Adoption Flattens
  • Workloads in Cloud run on Major Companies
  • Applications running in Multiple Clouds

Development Tools and Usage:

  • CloudSim Plus Automation: Java Command Line Tools based on CloudReports and CloudSimPlus.
  • WorkflowSim: CloudSim Extension Toolkit that supports job scheduling and workflow processing over multi-layered model
  • CloudSim Plus: CloudSim simulator for load balancing in cloud computing. It is used to avoid code duplication. It provides some features like code reusability and extensibility for ensures the compliance
  • iCanCloud: Simulation Platform for simulate and model cloud computing systems. The main aim of iCanCloud simulator is to detect the performance trade-offs between cost and a set of applications that executed in some specific hardware.
  • CloudSched: Cloud computing modeling system for simulations and performance evaluations
  • Simio: Simulation and scheduling tool in cloud computing.
  • CloudAnalyst: Cloud computing tool that support for social network tools evaluation according to geographic distribution of data centers and cloud users.

Load Balancing Algorithms:

  • Round Robin and Weighted Round Robin
  • Dynamic Round Robin Algorithm
  • Least and Weighted Least Connection Algorithm
  • Weighted Response Time Algorithm
  • Agent Based Adaptive Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Chained Failover Fixed Weighted Algorithm
  • Software Defined Networking Adaptive Algorithm
  • The Least Packets Method for Load Balancing
  • Randomized Algorithm
  • Threshold Algorithm
  • Central Queue Algorithm
  • Local Queue Algorithm
  • Opportunistic Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Min-Min Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Max-Min Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Ant Colony Optimization Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Honey bee Foraging Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Thorttled Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Hierarchical Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Active Clustering Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Biased Random Sampling Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Weighted Active Monitoring Load Balancing Algorithm
  • LBMM and OLB Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Equally Spread Current Execution Algorithm
  • Token Routing Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Current Execution Spread Spectrum Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Task Scheduling based on Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Central Load Balancing Decision Algorithm
  • Virtual Machine Initial Mapping based on Multi-Resource Load Balancing
  • Hybrid Genetic based Host Load Aware Algorithm
  • Distributed Load Balancing Algorithm based on Balance Comparison
  • Particle Swarm Optimization Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Block based Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Weight Less Connection Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Reverse Filling Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Fuzzy based Load Balancing Algorithm
  • Dual Direction Downloading Algorithm
  • Central Load Balancing Policy for Virtual Machines
  • Rolling Horizon Load Balancing Algorithm

Read about some of the Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis Topics here:

  • Node Capability Estimation Based Efficient Task Offloading Mechanism in Cloudlet
  • Enhanced Replica Placement Policy on Cloud Platform for Hadoop Distributed File Systems
  • Link Scheduling and Path Selection Joint Optimization for Mm-Wave Transport Networks
  • Paradigm and Design of Integrated Smart Load Balancing and Secure Mobile Cloud
  • Enabling Service Centric Networks Using Software Defined Network for Cloudlets
  • Multi-Tenancy and Load Balancing Oriented Data Center Virtualization Paradigm
  • Minimizing Request Latency in Multiple Data Centers for Majority Quorum Based Data Consistency Algorithm
  • Adaptive Prevention and Detection Architecture in Software Defined Network Enabled Mobile Networks for Unsafe Traffic
  • Reducing Virtual Clutters Load Imbalance Through Adaptive Job Scheduling and Reconfiguration
  • Data Center Power Management Using Power Prediction Based on Neural Network for Regulation Service
  • Dynamic Migration Based Data Locality and Load Feedback Based Resource Scheduling in OpenStack Based Clouds for Virtual Hadoop Clusters
  • Migration Scheme for Quality of Service by Fuzzy Logic Based Decision and Learning Approach in Cloud Computing
  • Context Aware Cloud Robotics in Cognitive Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) for Handling Materials
  • Hyper-graph Based Data Placement Framework among Geo-Distributed Datacenters
  • Load Balancing Based Service Scheduling Scheme for HetNets/5G Cloud Ran