Master Thesis on Cloud Computing

Master Thesis on Cloud Computing

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Master Thesis on Cloud Computing

  Master Thesis on Cloud Computing gives splendiferous research curve with the goal of caters groundbreaking ideas for global level students and research scholars to successfully pattern their research thesis. Today, we are working on various cloud computing research concepts such as IoT services with IoT clouds, Fog to Multi-Cloud Solutions, Mobile Clouds with Mobile Services, Cloud Service Composition and Management, Social & Business Aspects of Cloud Computing etc.

Let’s view the Phases of Master Thesis on Cloud Computing,

Initialization Phase

  • Topic Selection
  • Primary and Secondary Data Collection

Planning Phase

  • Idea/Novel Concept Preparation
  • Design Workflow
  • Research Questions

Thesis Writing Phase

  • Prepare Rough Draft
  • Chapter writing 1…n
  • Questionnaire Preparation

Major Editing Phase

  • Formatting as per the Thesis Structure
  • Plagiarism Verification
  • Proof Reading

Minor Editing

  • Language Correction, Format Aligning

Evaluation of Approval

  • Quality Assessment by Top Writers

Advanced in Cloud Computing:

  • Providers Focus on LCS (Long-term Customer Success)
  • Serverless Computing
  • Cloud Monitoring as a Service (CMaS)
  • Containers on New Mainstream Adoption Phase
  • Multi-Vendor Approach
  • Moving Workloads Dynamically between Service Provides
  • Capability to Move Data Swiftly
  • Auditing and Securing Service
  • Enterprises (Prepare Public Cloud Services)

Five Streams of Cloud Transmission (All the 5 streams would need to mature in parallel)

Cloud Platform Services Architecture

  • Design and implementation cloud platform VPC
  • Define services
  • Introduce new platform
  • Introduce new service
  • Implement Secure VPC Control

Cloud Platform Adoption

  • Cloud Awareness Spreading
  • Define and Implement Migration Process
  • Adoption Communication and Reporting
  • Migration Dashboards
  • Quarterly Migration Waves Program
  • Migration Pipeline Management
  • Adoption roadmap/Strategy
  • Migration Pipeline Management

Cloud Platform Automation

  • Automation Roadmap/ Strategy
  • Automation Configuration
  • Automation Building
  • Automation Operations Process
  • Automation and Integration Service
  • Evaluation of Automation Tools

Cloud Platform Operations

  • DB and Web Platform Build Operations
  • DB and Web Platform Run Operations
  • Operations of Build Infrastructure
  • Operations of Run Infrastructure

Cloud Platform Financial Transparency

  • Cloud Financial Strategy and Modeling
  • Billing Liquidations and Review
  • CBA View
  • Blue Print
  • Change Analysis of Cost Model

Ongoing Topics in Master Thesis on Cloud Computing:

  • Internet of Things Used in Automatic Distributed and Generation Run Time Infrastructure
  • Internet of Things Used in Cognitive Edge Computing Based Resource Allocation Paradigm
  • A Fast Data Update Protocol for Big Data in Ensure Coded Storage Systems
  • Semantic Model in Autonomous Vehicle Frameworks for Information Sharing
  • N-Times Ubiquitous mobile Cloud Computing Services Using Robust Anonymous Mutual Authentication Scheme
  • A Novel Strategy for Multi-Dimensional Variable Sized Machine Migration and Allocation at Cloud Data Center
  • Resource Allocation Approach in Fog Computing Based on Priced Timed Petri Nets
  • Trade-of Among Service and Efficiency Accessibility at Fog Nano Data Centers
  • Simulating and Modeling Fog Computing Environment Using DEVS
  • Outsourced Data Protection in Semi Trustworthy Cloud
  • Scalable Approach in Cloud Computing to Joint SaaS (Security as a Service) Provisioning and Cyber Insurance
  • Research on industry Cloud Information Security Management Strategy in Manufacturing Enterprise
  • Hierarchy Attribute Based Encryption Pattern in Cloud Storage to Support Direct Revocation
  • Stacklberg Game to Sustain Data Centers for Allocate Energy Aware Resource Using RES
  • An Integrated Architecture with Fog Computing for SDN (Software Defined Networks) and Virtualized Radio Access Networks