Project Ideas on Cloud Computing

Project Ideas on Cloud Computing

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Project Ideas on Cloud Computing

  Project Ideas on Cloud Computing is our sharp-witted research and development scientific zone which offers universal-breaking research ideas for mass of students and research philosophers in all over the world. Our celebrated knowledgeable brilliants are offering ingenious ideas for scholars in cloud computing arena with the research knowledge of cloud computing technologies, cloud computing programming, cloud computing application development training, cloud computing with 5G network, cloud computing with SDN/NFV, cloud computing with big data research etc. Nowadays, CloudSim play a vital role in Cloud Computing. So here we contribute CloudSim over Cloud Computing domain.

Advanced Concepts in CloudSim:

  • Load Balancing
  • Energy Optimization
  • Data Integrity and Security
  • Multi-tenancy Clouds Privacy
  • Data Recovery and Backup
  • Secure Cloud Architecture
  • Data Recovery and Segregation
  • Cloud Cryptography
  • Verifiable Computation
  • Trusted Computed Technology
  • Cloud Access Control and Key Management
  • Verifiable Computation
  • Trusted Computing Technology
  • Recovery, Auditing and Availability
  • Secure Computation Outsourcing
  • Resource Optimization Scheduling
  • Secure Cloud Architecture
  • Key Management and Cloud Access Control
  • Failure Detection and Prevention
  • Design Joint Security and Privacy Aware Protocol

Future Trends of CloudSim:

  • Container Virtualization
  • CloudSim Plus

Record Breaking Topics of Project Ideas on Cloud Computing:

  • Photogrammetry System Assessment and Development for Rock Specimen Surface Characterization
  • Real Time Web Based Video/Audio Communications by Usable Authentication Systems
  • Cloud Service Based Power Grid Planning by GIS Oriented Graphical Management System
  • Repairmen Optimization Analysis and Performability for Large Scale Networks
  • Dynamic Overlay Multicasting in Elastic Optical Networks for Deadline Driven Requests Provisioning
  • POB Number System Based Encrypted Video tampering Detection and Localization Over Cloud
  • Predicting Requests Based Cloud Bursting Approach for Business Critical Web Systems
  • Data Broadcasting for LTE Hybrid Vehicle Ad Hoc Network Architectures and IEEE 802.11p on Cloud VANET
  • Cluster Formation in Cloud Radio Access Networks with Data Assisted Channel Estimation
  • A Case for Visual Surveillance in Intelligent Transportation Networks for Distributed Multilevel Storage Infrastructure
  • Game Theoretical Based System Using Genetic Algorithm and Holt Winders with Fuzzy Logic on SDN Networks for DoS/DDoS Mitigation
  • Machine Learning Techniques for Root Cause Software Bugs Analysis
  • Dynamic Cloud Service Placement with a Remote Controlled Drone for Live Video Streaming
  • Game Theory Based Spectrum and Power Virtualization in Mobile Cloud Computing Wireless Networks for Spectrum Efficiency Optimization
  • IEEE 802.11ac Network and MPTCP Protocol to Cloud Computing for High Performance Mobile Access Analysis