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Project Ideas on Cloud Computing is our unstoppable platform to support our students. Many times student will face a number of issues on their project. Since, queries from the staffs are unexpected and the solutions are not easy to find out. For this purpose, we will initiate the cloud computing projects and also it is running without any failure. As students know that cloud is an easy as pie area that is not difficult to do the project.

‘Get our online project serving service and receive your project from the hub.’

We will help on diverse areas and supply you all the current topics available in the cloud. We will often update our committed customers for their current project status. For each your project task, we will set the deadline. Within this time, we will deliver your work. We also have the top project developers who know the basic concepts to the advanced techniques.

Most Recent – Cloud Computing Technologies
  • Cloud-computing applications design (Real-time)
  • Cloud with-5G Wireless Networks
  • Cloud with SDN/NFV and Blockchain
  • Big Data and also Cloud in Mobile Networks
  • Energy Save Mobile Cloud Protocols Design
  • Mobile Crowd Sensing Models and also Platforms
  • Software Defined IoT in the Cloud
  • Mobile Multimedia Applications in the Cloud
  • Mobile Applications for Industrial Environment
  • Security, Privacy and Reliability in the Cloud
  • Task Scheduling and Workload Balancing using CloudSim Plus
  • AI, Machine Learning and also Deep Learning in Mobile Cloud

Routine- Concepts in Cloud Computing

  • Load Balancing
  • Energy Optimization
  • Data Integrity and Security
  • Multi-tenancy Clouds Privacy
  • Data Recovery and Backup
  • Data Recovery and Segregation
  • Cloud Cryptography
  • Recovery, Auditing and also in Availability
  • Resource Optimization Scheduling
  • Key Management and Cloud Access Control
  • Failure Detection and Prevention
Typical Project Ideas on Cloud Computing
  • Deadline driven requests provisioning in Elastic Optical Networks
  • Encrypted video tampering detection in cloud
  • Hybrid LTE VANET and Cloud in IEEE 802.11p
  • Cluster Formation in Cloud RAN with Channel Estimation
  • Game Theory with Fuzzy Logic for SDN Cloud (DDoS Attacks)
  • Root Cause Software Bugs Analysis in Cloud by ML Algorithm
  • Dynamic Cloud Service Placement for Live Video Streaming
  • Cloud with High Performance Mobile Access IEEE 802.11ac

When we develop the project, we will provide more results and graphs to show the better performance of our work. We will think smart and work fast for your selected project ideas on cloud computing. Why you wait still? Take your phone and make a telephone call.

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