Project on Cloud Computing Final Year

Project on Cloud Computing Final Year

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Project on Cloud Computing Final Year

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Final Year Project Ideas on Cloud Computing:

-Cloud Operations

  • Cloud Automation
  • Hybrid Clouds and Integration
  • Cloud Management Platforms
  • Cloud Resilience and Reliability

-Fog/Edge Cloud Computing

  • Cluster Management
  • Edge Cloud Orchestration
  • Edge Cloud Network Management
  • IoT Cloud Integration
  • Edge Cloud Data Management

-Cloud Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency in Cloud Computing:

  • Scheduling and Resource Allocation
  • Performance Measurement and Service Level Agreements
  • Life Cycle Analysis of Computing Equipment
  • Renewable energy usage for Green ICT Operation
  • Networking and Computing Infrastructures
  • Energy aware Communication and Computing
  • Ecosystem and Climate Monitoring
  • Green Materials and Device Designs
  • Energy Efficient Data Center and Cloud Technologies

Cloud Computing Technologies enable the next indispensable Trends:

 (Cloud Service Models-SaaS/PaaS/IaaS, Cloud based Infrastructure)

  • Internet of Things/M2M
  • Data Analytics
  • 3D Printing
  • Cyber Security
  • Serverless Computing
  • Cognitive Computing/Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Platforms and Apps
  • Cloud Containers Replace with Traditional VMs
  • Biotech/Healthcare/Digital Health
  • Digital Currency Platforms
  • Cloud Model Migration
  • Multiple Cloud Providers use at a time
  • Convergence of PaaS and IaaS Services
  • Workload Acceleration
  • Data Center Proliferation

Research Topics of Project on Cloud Computing Final Year:

  • Mobile Cloud Tele-monitoring Using Hidden Markov Model Based Dynamic Scheduling Mechanism
  • Super Modular Game Approach for Sharing Public Cloud Storage-Assisted Mobile Social Video
  • Conceptual National Information Sharing Security Paradigm Development to Combat Cybercrimes
  • Virtual Machine Aware Flow Switch Scheme in Cloud Based Network Function Virtualization Framework
  • Real World Graph Processing Using Integrated Vertex Centric and Edge Centric
  • Modified Hybrid Structure Using Wi-Max and TD-LTE for Next Generation High Speed Communication
  • Mobile Cloud Computing Systems Using LDDoS Aware Energy Efficient Multipathing Approach
  • Cloud Computing Scheduling Based Discharging Services and Charging Using Smart Grid
  • Trade of Among Energy and Performance Consumption Exploration in Cloud Infrastructure
  • Optimal Management and Scheduling on Reliability, Energy and Performance Consumption Correlation for Multi-agent Cloud Systems
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Clouds Percentile Performance Analysis with Task Retrials
  • Evaluate Continuously on Cloud Computing Platform for Application Development
  • Semantic Extension Based on Enabling Central Keyword Search Across Encrypted Outsourced Data
  • Complex Queries Evaluation and Optimization in Cloud Environments over NoSQL and Relational Data Stores
  • Data Acquisition Solutions Connected to Smart Grids for Electricity Consumers