Projects for CSE Final Year Students on Cloud Computing

Projects for CSE Final Year Students on Cloud Computing

  Projects for CSE Final Year Students on Cloud Computing service offer smart research and project development strategy for scholars to do world-shaking research in their highbrow research profession. We are the leading and outstanding project development concern since past 15+ years we help and support engineering students with an advanced technology updates. Our premier ambition is to initiate students and researchers to gain updated knowledge in uptrend technologies which is much helpful to their dream of profession. Our team of experts has vast experience and knowledge in IT field. On account of this, our team members can easily help scholars to drive with 100% output result in final year projects. You just call or click to email us for any kind of solution. We are always here to hear your queries with the quick response.

Projects for CSE Final Year Students on Cloud Computing

  Projects for CSE Final Year Students on Cloud Computing service is our spectacular trick which lead students and researchers towards their daydream of achievements. Today, we have great expertise and ingenious notions to facilitate difficult research and software solutions. We give vast array of cloud computing projects and research development solutions for scholars in cloud based security issues & threat handling, green computing model in cloud computing and cloud with other paradigms as like grid computing, peer to peer computing and cluster computing etc.

Core Research Areas on Cloud Computing:

Cloud based Business Process Migration

  • Cloud Migration Methods and Techniques
  • Movement of Business Process in the Cloud

Cloud Aware Business Process Modeling

  • KPI Modeling Languages and Ontologies
  • Cross Layer Metric Models
  • Goal Oriented Modeling of Business Processes
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Semantic Business Process Languages and Ontologies

Cloud Service Description Languages (Semantic)

  • Automatic Extraction and Process in the database
  • Metadata to identify the information meaning
  • Automated storage and conversion of unstructured text machine

Business PaaS Alignment and Design

  • Semantic Composition of Business services
  • Business PaaS Design Methodologies and Methods
  • Business Design Environments and Tools
  • Business Process to Workflow Alignment

Business PaaS Allocation

  • Cloud Service Selection
  • Cloud Service Matchmaking
  • Cloud based Workflow Concretization
  • Semantic Cloud Service Discovery and Selection
  • Business to Technical Non-Functional Requirements Mapping
  • Deployment Description of BPaaS

Business PaaS Execution

  • Cross Cloud Service Monitoring
  • Cross layer BPaaS Adaptation
  • Adaptive BPaaS Execution
  • Semantic Logging
  • Cloud Service Orchestration
  • Cloud based Workflow Management

SLA based BPaaS Management

  • Hierarchical SLAs
  • SLA Mapping between Hierarchy Levels
  • Semantic SLA Description
  • SLA Management Frameworks

Let’s view about some of our Projects for CSE Final Year Students on Cloud Computing,

  • Towards Native Code Offloading Platforms in Mobile Applications for Image Processing
  • An Internet of Things Application for Recognize Indian Currency for Visually Challenged People in Vernacular Languages
  • Owner Stipulated Data Privacy and Security in Mobile Cloud Context for Data Accessing
  • Fairness Scheduling with Dynamic Priority on Heterogeneous Frameworks for Multi Workflow
  • Execution and Checkpoints Model Optimization on Distributed Memory Architectures for OpenMP Implementation
  • Scheduling by Selective Tasks Duplication for Workflows with Security Sensitive Intermediate Data in Clouds
  • SDN/NFV Optical / Packet Transport Network and Core/Edge Cloud Platform for Internet of Things (IoT) Services and End-to-End 5G
  • Optimize Joint Uplink/Downlink for Backhaul Limited Mobile Cloud Computing with User Scheduling
  • Live Demo Applying Remote GPU Virtualization Technique Showing Benefits to Cloud Computing
  • Remote Irrigation System Design in Cloud Platform Based Farmland
  • CoT (Cloud of Things) for Monitor Intelligent Irrigation by Thermal Imaging in Smart Agriculture
  • Web Based Symbolic Circuit Analysis Tool Development for Design and Learning Aid
  • Cabinet and Door Recognition for Handle Grasping and Detection Using Real time Method Fusion and Convolutional Neural Nets
  • Convolutional Neural Network Scaling for Adjective Noun Pairs Classification with TensorFlow on GPU Clusters
  • Evaluate LXC Based Educational Cloud Performance in Bare Metal Server