Projects Related to Cloud Computing

Projects Related to Cloud Computing

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Projects Related to Cloud Computing

     Projects Related to Cloud Computing is a cerebral research platform for research intellectuals and students to accomplish their highbrow project journey with the dream of career. Today, cloud computing technology is likely to growing continuously in certain segments such as Cloud Management, Business-Process-as-a-Service (Cloud Business Process Service), Cloud Security Service and Cloud Advertising within Public Cloud Service, PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service).

Major Research Areas Related to Cloud Computing:

  • Cloud Computing Networking
  • Big Data Analytics in the Cloud
  • Cloud Computing Emerging Issues
  • Green Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Cryptography
  • Scientific Computing in the Cloud
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Applications
  • Internet of Things in Cloud Computing

Top 15 Open Source Cloud Computing Technologies:

  1. Apache Mesos (Infrastructure)
  2. Ceph (Storage)
  3. Chef (DevOps)
  4. Cloud Foundry (Platform)
  5. CloudStack(Infrastructure)
  6. CoreOS(Infrastructure)
  7. CouchDB (Database)
  8. Docker (Virtualization)
  9. Jenkins(DevOps)
  10. KVM (Virtualization)
  11. MongDB (Database)
  12. OpenShift (Platform)
  13. OpenStack (Infrastructure)
  14. Puppet (DevOps)
  15. Salt(DevOps)

Recent Advances in Projects Related to Cloud Computing:

  • OpenStack Fault Tolerance Enhancement for Computing Environments Provisioning
  • Cloud Service Providers Using FedRAMP Authorization Enhancement
  • Energy Efficiency Improvement on Clusters for Running Parallel Applications
  • Reliable and Communication Storage Based on Network Coding Performance Optimization
  • Big Data Analysis in Cloud Based Hotel Customer Response and Evaluation
  • SD-NFV as an Energy Efficient Mechanism Using 6LoWPAN Testbed Based on Cloud for Machine to Machine Network (M2M)
  • Anomaly Detection Application for Detecting Terrorist Attacks Anomalous Records
  • Mobile Computing Used in Energy Saving Offloading by Cooperatively Allocating Computational and Radio Resources
  • OpenStack Based Industrial Cloud Experimental Platform Application and Architecture
  • Dynamic Infrastructure Service Composition for Enabling Distributed Software Defined Environments
  • Clustering Approach Based on Genetic Algorithm for WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) to Routing Techniques Optimization
  • IoT Implementation in Industries Educational Internet of Things (IoT) Case for Cloud System
  • Allocate Energy and Quality of Service (QoS) Resource in Small Cell Networks with Load Management, Power Selection and Channel Allocation
  • Improving Data Center Resource Management Over Temporal Logic Constraints
  • Integrated Policy for Big Data Analytics in Architectural Design of Student Information