Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Thesis

Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Thesis

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Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Thesis

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Resource Allocation Issues:

  • Resource Contention
  • Scarcity of Resources
  • Over Provisioning
  • Resource Fragmentation
  • Under Provisioning

Resource Allocation Mechanisms:

  • Control Theory

 -Mechanism related to feedback based on stability predict transient Behaviour

  • Utility based

 -User level performance with cost performance model

  • Machine Learning
  • Resource Allocation Policies

 -Threshold based Policies

 -Sequential Based Policies

  • MapReduce Configuration
  • Resources Work Distribution
  • Resource Optimization and Selection

Widely Used Resource Allocation Algorithms:

  • Agent based Priority Heuristic Algorithm
  • Three Phases Scheduling Algorithm
  • Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
  • Adaptive Resource Allocation for Pre-Emptable Jobs in Cloud
  • First come First Served Scheduling Algorithm
  • Priority based Weighted Fair Scheduling Algorithm
  • Three Phases Scheduling Algorithm
  • Cost based Resource Allocation Algorithm
  • Ant Colony Algorithm for Resource Allocation
  • Dynamic Resource Management
  • Optimized Genetic Algorithm
  • Shortest Job First Scheduling Algorithm
  • Gang Scheduling
  • Shortest Remaining Time Algorithm
  • Coffmann-List Scheduling Algorithm
  • Earliest Time First Job Scheduling
  • Heterogeneous Earliest Time First Algorithm
  • Greedy and Horizon Algorithm
  • Most fit Resource Allocation Algorithm
  • Longest Approximation Time to End Algorithm
  • Deadline Constraint Scheduling
  • SLA Aware Resource Allocation
  • Fair Scheduling Resource Allocation
  • Fair4s Job Scheduling for Resource Allocation
  • Priority Grouping Algorithm
  • Dynamic Level Scheduling Algorithm
  • Predictive Max-Min and Min-Min Resource Allocation
  • Berger Model based Resource Allocation
  • Back-Tracking Resource Allocation Algorithm
  • Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  • Profit Driven Service Request Resource Allocation
  • Extended Min-Min Scheduling Resource Allocation
  • Phase and Resource Information Aware Scheduler for MapReduce

Outstanding Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Thesis Topics:

  • Integrated Tabu Search and Ant Colony Optimization for Allocate Multi-Resource Fair in Heterogeneous Cloud Computing
  • Asynchronous Best Response Dynamics for Games of Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing
  • Task Scheduling and Resource Allocation Algorithm in Non-Cooperative Game Based Cloud Computing Paradigm
  • Allocate Quality of Service (QoS) and Mobility Aware Optimal Resource for Offloading Dynamic Application in Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Resource Allocation Optimization in the SDN-NFV Enabled Cloud Computing for Elastic Security Virtualized Network Functions (VNF)
  • Allocate Resource in VCC (Vehicular Cloud Computing) Frameworks with Road Side Units and Heterogeneous Vehicles
  • Stable Matching Based Joint Storage and Computing Resource Allocation in Data Centers
  • Mechanisms for Error Handling in User Estimated Execution Times Through Resource Management on Jobs of System Processing MapReduce
  • Delay Bounded Optimal User Association and Cloudlet Deployment in Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN)
  • Performance Aware Adaptive Control in Clouds for Shared Resources
  • Moving Target Defense Methodology for Combating Bandits on Cloud
  • Unveiling Interplay Between Network Management and Global Link Arrangements Algorithms on Dragonfly Networks
  • Robust TabuSearch Heuristic for Virtual Machine Consolidation in Virtualized Datacenters Under Demand Uncertainty
  • Allocate Quality of Service Aware Virtual Infrastructures on Software Defined Network Based Clouds
  • Game Theoretic Approach in MapReduce for Runtime Capacity Allocation