Simple Cloud Computing Projects

Simple Cloud Computing Projects

   Simple Cloud Computing Projects provide awe-inspiring service for you to fulfill your final year projects for successful graduation. Our service is creates the most hopeful platform to easily get job opportunities from international IT sectors through our simple cloud computing projects. Our Simple Cloud Computing Projects solution is mainly focus on provide smart training to equip research intellectuals and students with the good knowledge of excellent practices in IT industries. The primary goal of smart training is to change scholar’s theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge which provides real time experience and exposure for researchers and students. Graduates and PhD holders who have inspiration to gain our smart training? You can move towards to join with us without any hesitates.

Simple Cloud Computing Projects

   Simple Cloud Computing Projects is our dazzling knowledgeable service for scholars to harvest grand achievement in your future. We have royal experience and more popular in this respective field. To give excellent quality of projects, we develop cloud computing projects with the uptrend research ideas and we develop integrated domains of projects as like cloud computing with other domain including cloud computing with wireless sensor networks, VANET with cloud computing, wireless sensor networks with mobile cloud computing, cloud computing with cognitive radio networks and so on.     You can start your simple cloud computing projects on the following topics,

Cloud Applications

  • HPC Cloud
  • Mobile Cloud
  • E-Science Cloud
  • Hadoop in Cloud
  • HPC Cloud Programming Models
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud Application Benchmarks

Cloud Architecture

  • Cloudlet
  • Cloud Resource Allocation
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • SLAs and Quality Management
  • File and Storage Systems
  • Virtualization
  • Capacity and Configuration Management

Cloud Security

  • PaaS Security
  • SaaS Security
  • Inter-Cloud Security
  • Hypervisor Security
  • In-Cloud Data Encryption
  • Compliant and Policy
  • Secure and Cloud Reliability Cloud Computing

Cloud for Smart Cities:

  • Stream Data Analysis
  • Re-identification of Anonymised Data
  • Cloud based Real-Time Localization
  • Cloud Data Analytics
  • Mobility Aware Networking Protocols
  • Real-time positioning and localization in cloud

Latest Simple Cloud Computing Projects Titles:

  • Google Cluster Infrastructure Reliability Characterization for Cloud Dependability Analysis
  • Big Data Storage Using Perlustration on Classification of Deducplication Techniques Techno Level in Cloud
  • Secured and Reliable Image Processing Middle ware on OpenStack Swift
  • Vital Framework Using an Oscillation Model for Describing Various Node Centralities on Social Media Networks
  • Verifiable Hash Convergent Group Signcryption Based Big Data Cloud Deduplictaion
  • Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Based Cyberinfrastructures for Unified intelligent Water Management
  • Evaluating Deep Learning in Prediction of Chum for EaaS (Everything as a Service) in Cloud
  • Programmable Shared Memory Framework for Processing In-Memory Devices Array
  • Energy Efficient and Traffic Aware Network Function Virtualization Placement Using Joint Sampling and Matching Approach for Service Chaining
  • Provenance Driven Diagnostic Paradigm in Data Centers for Task Eviction
  • Mobile Cloud Used in Collaboration Oriented Information Control and Analysis
  • Cipher Text Policy Attribute Based Encryption (CP-ABE) Supporting Any Monotone Access Structures Without Escrow
  • Parallel Earth Data Tasks Processing on Computing Architecture Based Distributed Cloud
  • Machine Learning Approach for Intelligent Medical Data Storage Framework
  • Reducing Resource Intensive Scientific Mobile Applications Energy Consumption Through Refactoring