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Cloud Computing Based Projects

Cloud computing is refers to the process of availing the resources and service from remote place over the Internet for commercial or personal purposes. These are services are provided by the cloud service providers (CSP). For instance: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) are known as providers who offer public cloud services.

This page deals with new Cloud Computing based Projects with its upcoming research trends!!!

Most probably, many big applications of cloud computing prefer private or public cloud. In specific, the customer-based ones will increasingly change and scale-up dynamically. As a matter of fact, the widely held public clouds are now creating the new way in enterprise advancements. Also, the frequently showing up with new developments before they appear in real. So, cloud leaves its footprints in everywhere in all over the world. As a result, it has increasing demand among scholars to start their profession in cloud computing.

What is the aim of cloud computing?

  • To signify the similarities and dissimilarities of the providers based on the strategic and technical viewpoints
  • To find primary cloud computing service providers
  • To examine the effect of task offloading by means of AWS cloud performance aspect of in diverse availability regions
  • To revise the impacts of the cloud developments in terms of privacy, trust and legal aspects
Implementing cloud Computing based projects

Majorly, the cloud computing will falls under any of these categories Serverless / Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). In other words, it is also called as the cloud computing stack since it is arranged on top of one another. In order to increase your understandability, we have briefly described the actually what are they and how they differs


  • Platform as a service (PaaS)           
    • Offer platform for creating, analysis, designing, monitoring new software application
    • Enable developers to make any mobile or web apps in regardless of network, setup, servers, database, storage, network and databases, etc.
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
    • Enable user/provider to buy or rent IT infrastructure based on the demands which is known as pay-as-you-go basis
      • For instance: network, storage, servers, OS and VM
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
    • Deliver software application depends on the user subscription
    • Allow providers to control and maintain the infrastructure and software
      • For instance: security patching and software installation upgrades

More importantly, the cloud computing is used for the purpose of data storage, remote access and IT resources. It has the objective to deliver paid or free services to individuals or companies based on their requirements in 3 modes: public, private and hybrid.

How is cloud computing used?

  • Resource Provisioning Policies Management
  • System security Monitoring and Controlling
  • Calculate and Track the Resource Utilization
  • Enabling the Remote Access Of Users
  • Managing and Unifying the Mixed Resources

Next, we can see about the important terminologies used in cloud computing research areas. These following important things will help to make you feel more comfortable in cloud exploration. Also, it let you to know the current direction of research.

Cloud Computing Terms and Concepts

  • Virtualization
  • Replication
  • Isolation
  • Abstraction
  • Virtual Machine Monitor
  • Cloud Service Models
  • Scaling (Horizontal and also Vertical)
  • Team Collaboration and also Messaging Applications
  • Web 2.0 and also Social Strategy Applications
  • CRM and Mobility Applications
  • Archival and also in Backup Storage
  • Web Content Delivery Services
  • Cross Enterprise Integration Projects
  • Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Server and also in Desktop Virtualization

For your reference, here we have bulletined some key research ideas that stimulate you towards advance technologies.

Ideas – Cloud Computing based Projects

  • Cloud Resource Virtualization and also Management
  • Cloud Utility Computing (Service and also Pricing Models)
  • Clouds Comfort Driven Platforms
  • Cloud SLAs, and also Service Models Monitoring
  • Energy and also in Mobile Efficient Use of Clouds
  • Big Data Analytics and also Processing in Clouds
  • Knowledge Discovery Process and also Data Mining Approaches
  • Big Data Acquisition, Integration, and also Cleaning
  • Big Data Analytics based In-memory Systems
  • Resource Management and also Scalability
  • Scheduling, Brokering, Capacity Planning and Elasticity

In order to get best creative research ideas, we habitually update our skills in recent research findings through current research articles and reputed journals updates. From our recent studies, we have found the answers for following questions.

  • How to measure the cloud application performance?
  • What impact does the cloud computing create?
  • What are the primary cloud computing service providers?
  • What is Multi-Cloud with merits and demerits?

Cloud Computing Problems

  • Application and VM Scheduling is not noticed
  • Absence of Diverse Types Repair Services
  • System Failures are not recognized
  • Improper Assessment of Small Cloud Environment
  • Restricting the Total Number of Physical Machines

Further, we have also enumerated some important research ideas that are currently gains unique attention in front of research world. These ideas are taking the cloud research into next level of advancements.

Research Areas in Cloud Computing

  • 5G Intelligence in Cloud Computing
  • Cloud enabled Fog Computing
  • Mobile Cloudlets Coordination
  • Hosted Cloud Servers / Services (Micro-Services, Containers, Orchestration, Webrtc, etc)
  • Cloud based NFV and SDN Architecture
  • Mobile / Multi-Access  Edge Computing (MEC)
  • Integration of LTE Advanced Pro 4.5 with Cloud
  • Big Cloud Data Analytics
  • High Performance Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Mobile Cloud Applications for Public Clouds
  • Distributed Vehicular Cloud Networks Security
  • Cloud Resource Orchestration Technologies
  • EdgeLine-Converged Edge Systems
  • Hybrid and Structured Cloud Federation
  • Modeling Micro-Cloud Provider Federation
  • Design and Implement Open Cloud Computing Infrastructures / Interface
  • Trust Management over Untrusted Cloud Environs
  • Future Data Centers in Multi-Clouds Model
  • Efficient Scheduling on Power Constrained VMs
  • Green Cloud Management using Green Abstraction Layer (GAL) Approach
  • Cloud Operations (Cloudops) Management in Cloud Applications

How does the cloud use virtualization?

In cloud computing, virtualization helps the service provider to virtualize remote physical hardware (network, data center, resources, servers, VM, storage, etc.) and allow them to offer many services as software, platforms and infrastructure. Also, it has certain special benefits to make unique from other concepts.

What are the benefits of virtualization?

  • Exclude or Reduce the downtime
  • Minimized operating and capital cost
  • Increasing resources and applications distribution
  • Improved efficiency, productivity, responsiveness and agility

Our research teams are currently undergoing deep study on virtualization theory to identify several unbelievable hidden facts that bring new dimension of research. Because of this, we know familiarized with following ideas. We are well familiar in the following,

  • Cooperative Dynamic Federation
  • Virtualization Infrastructure
  • Principles of Good Virtualization
  • Nano-centers and Data centers
  • Data Center Virtualization and Orchestration
  • Instant Cloud workload migration
  • Trusted Platforms for Embedded Security Solution
  • Geolocation based Dynamic Load Balancing
  • Mobile and Embedded Virtualization
  • Cloud based Service Virtualization
  • Virtualization-aware storage and networking
  • Open Virtualization Appliance / Format (OVA/OVF)
  • Virtual Applications (pre-packaged VM)
  • Energy Utilization optimization in Green Datacenters
  • Virtualization Management (server, operations, storage, configuration, performance, provision, etc.)

How to monitor application performance in cloud computing?

The handpicked research topics are designed to treat disk IO, CPU, Application, Memory IO and Network through seamless performance.

  • For Private Cloud – Accomplish the SLA for Application and uphold the Resource. So, the purchase of hardware can extend
  • For Public Cloud – Enable the payment of hardware only at the time of usage. Here, we can also return resources if not necessary to avoid extra charges. So it is cost effective to use the resources. Further, the cost relies on followings,
    • Volume of Traffic
    • No. of. Instances
    • No. of. Service Calls
    • No. of. I/O requests (low cost if reduces)

When the application objectives such as throughput, SLA, response time are attained, then we focus on cost effective. So, it is essential to monitor the application performance in all aspects. Based on the nature of the proposed system the metrics may vary. The lack of quantitative analysis of cloud service readiness may leads to research gaps. Here, we have given some key metrics that used for evaluating network overall performance.

Performance Evaluation Metrics in Cloud Computing

  • MTTF
  • Latency
  • MTTM
  • File Size
  • Throughput
  • MTTR
  • InService
  • Pool Size
  • MaxClients
  • Overload Factor
  • Standard Deviation
  • Power Utilization
  • Average Service Time
  • Request per Second
  • Steady State Availability
  • Number of VM allocations
  • Number of Failures

Further, if you are looking for more Cloud Computing based projects then communicate with us. We are glad to fulfill your requirements by delivering high quality research works.

VM Migration

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