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Cloud Computing Mini Projects with Source Code

Cloud computing let the users to access the desired services from remote locations through internet. Here, the incorporated software is inherent in a server or multiple servers to store the information.

This page is the one stop place where you can find your Cloud Computing Mini Projects with Source Code and its upcoming research areas!!!

What is Cloud Computing?

As mentioned earlier, cloud computing offers several APIs or Service to fulfill the client’s requirements at free of cost or paid. Generally, these services are offered by cloud service providers (CSP) under any of these three types of Cloud Computing as Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud.

  • Public – entirely for general users i.e., beyond vendor (Microsoft / Amazon)
  • Private – exclusively for the vendor’s own purpose
  • Hybrid – combined functionalities of private and public

Nowadays, the hybrid or integration system gains more attention in the research community. So, here, we have given the sample of combining Big Data with Cloud. It is majorly designed for the purpose of ensuring the security of big data stored in the cloud. More than the normal data, big data need more concern. Since, it is collected from different sources in large size at varying velocity. And, the data may be in any kind like structured, semi-structured and unstructured. Two more thing, we need to talk is green computing and server scaling.

  • Maximize the scaling to support more number of servers to store big data
  • Minimize the energy consumption to enhance the performance

More than this, we also extend our service in other cloud computing areas. Just to let you know, we have handpicked some important research ideas that give significant contribution on Cloud Computing research field.

Cloud Computing Mini Projects With Source Code

Research Topics in Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Security Architecture Design
  • Cloud Virtualization Technology
  • Multi-Tenant Cloud Privacy
  • Cloud Data Separation and Integration
  • Data Integrity and Security
  • New Cloud Cryptography Approach for Security
  • Dynamic Load Balancing
  • Cloud Data Backup and Recovery (Cloud-BDR)

Then our developers have listed some simulation technologies that specially encouraged for cloud environment execution. This will surely help you to recognize the accurate result yielding cloud tools.

How do you simulate cloud environment?

  • iCanCloud
  • CloudSim
  • GroudSim (Event-Based Simulation)
  • GreenCloud (Packet-level Simulation Tool)
  • DCSim (Data Centre Simulation)
  • CloudAnalyst (CloudSim-Based Visual Modeller)
  • EMUSIM (Integrated Emulation and Simulation Tool)

When choosing tool, one should more precise that the handpicking tool is apt for selected picked. In order to know analyze this criteria, first we have to know the uniqueness of the each simulator. For that, we have discussed about the thorough information of some important cloud computing simulation tools and technologies with their unique qualities.

  • It is an integrated form of simulation (CloudSim) and emulation (AEF-Automated Emulation Framework)
  • Models to share performance information
  • Provision with loosely coupled CPU-intensive services and applications
  • Cost effective to deploy
  • Easy to assess changing patterns and resources of requests on cloud scenario
DCSim (Data Centre Simulation)
  • DCSim Java based an extensible event-driven data center simulator
  • Includes multiple tier application model to simulate the VM dependencies
  • Distribution of inward workloads and VMs dependencies
  • Eases fast execution and development of algorithms
  • Furnished with add-on ability of designing replicated VMs
  • Easy to work with high-end experiments on data center functionalities


  • It is one of the best cloud computing tool that supports cloud infrastructures simulation
  • Open source java based simulation tools specially intended for academic people to do research
  • Platform to design and simulate cloud services and operations by large set of features

CloudSim extensions

  • Enables Parallel and MapReduce simulation features
  • Include CloudReport GUI for generating automatic simulation reports
  • Facilitate desinging synchronous hierarchical network design (as ElasticSearch).
  • Support Hazelcast distributed system to work up on multi-distributed servers
  • Utilizes deep learning assisted temperature predictor and integrate thermal features for cloud nodes
  • Extended version of Cloudsim as a stand-alone CloudSimPlus which was launched by the self-determining scholars
  • Java command supported simulation tool
  • Increases the usage of probability distribution packages
  • Support spontaneous performance than other simulators.
  • Combination of cloud and grid infrastructures which depends on discrete-event simulation

Similarly, programming language also play more important role in developing research topic. So, we are ready to share few interesting programming languages that assist you to develop Cloud Computing Mini Projects with Source Code.

Programming Languages for Cloud Computing

  • R Math Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Erlang Functional Programming
  • Haskell Functional Programming
  • Python Procedural Programming
  • GO Procedural Programming (GoLang)
  • Clojure Math Programming
  • GFM Domain Specific Programming (DSP)
  • Regular Expression Domain Specific Programming
  • SQL Data Programming (Structured Query Language)

Once, the system is thoroughly developed then the overall system performance is evaluated with few simulation parameters. This is done for assessing your system outcome with existing system outcome. In other words, it showcases how your work is much better than the existing ones on cloud computing projects. For your reference, here we have given few cloud based simulation metrics which differs from project to project.

Simulation Parameters in Cloud Computing

  • User Terminal Configuration
    • Priority
    • No of Users
    • Procedure Element
    • Hypervisor
    • Cloudlets sent per minutes
    • Scheduling Policy
    • Average RAM
    • Average Length of Cloudlet
    • Average Bandwidth
    • Average Cloudlet Output Size
    • Average Cloudlet File Size
    • Number of Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Host / Cloud Configuration 
    • RAM
    • Hypervisor
    • Bandwidth
    • Monitoring Interval
    • Lower Threshold
    • Upper threshold
    • Operating System
    • Virtual Machine (VM) Migration
  • Data Center Information 
    • Hypervisor
    • Processing Capacity
    • Operating System
    • Number of VMs
    • Architecture
    • VM Migration
    • Monitoring Interval
    • Number of Data Center
    • Total Amount of RAM
    • Number of Processing Units
    • Allocation Policy
    • Storage Size
    • Lower Threshold
    • Upper Threshold

To sum up, we have listed few important Cloud Computing topics to begin your mini project journey. These topics are just the samples to know the latest developments in Cloud Computing.

Mini-project Topics in Cloud Computing

  • Integration of different external cloud services
  • Cloud Identify and Access of Real-time Resources
  • Efficient cloud performance and readiness estimation system
  • Adaptability of new characteristics and abilities of the cloud
  • Maintenance of Cloud Repositories for Research Data Requirements
  • Creation and Automation of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) of Cloud Data
  • Modeling New Big Data Systems using Spark, MySQL and Postgres
  • Compute the cloud process and storage functions using any programming environment (R, Python, MALAB, etc)

Further, if you want to more Cloud Computing Mini Projects with Source Code, then get in touch with us. We will help you in every step of your R&D.

VM Migration

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