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Cloud Computing Seminar Topics

Cloud computing is an evergreen technology to deliver the services to the users in small or large scale which bring evolution in data sharing through internet. Though it is a successful technology, it includes several technical issues from various aspects. So, it offers numerous research ideas for scholars who wish to change the modern technology in more advance way.

This page is about the important Cloud Computing Seminar Topics with future research directions and scope!!!

 In general, cloud computing is termed as a web of computing services where the application can execute on the associated servers instead of using local device. In present days, there are so many cloud service providers are available to deliver services to the users. For instance: Amazon, IBM, Google, Microsoft Azure (AWS Projects for students), etc. Majorly, these providers give three high-level of cloud service models. And they are as follows,

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Next, we discuss about the research problems that currently scholars are looking forward to start their research work. These are also act as key factors that influence the Cloud Computing Projects to move on for next level of research.

Cloud Computing Issues and Challenges

  • Portability: It is necessary to improve the capability of migrating the applications with data among different cloud environments (like public and private)
  • Virtual Machines (VM) Mobility: Here, it specifies some major issues such as lack of certain VM management interfaces, mobility interfaces and networking 
  • Storage Interoperability and Federation Scenario: In this, the interoperability solutions is offered only for lower level cloud functions and also, it not addressed properly
  • Interoperability: It is required to ensure the security when the application enables the web services to utilize the service from different platforms
  • Performance and Bandwidth: Maximum bandwidth is needed to support intensive data which is not cost effective. If suppose, minimum bandwidth is used then the performance of cloud may get affected.
  • Security and Privacy: It aims to tackle the security threats through security software/hardware and cryptographic methods as encryption, hashing, etc.

In order to provide original research ideas, our technical professionals are working several parts of cloud computing projects with source code. Through referring up-to-date research journal papers, we are wisely updating our knowledge on all modern research trends. By this way, we have identified following top demanding research areas along with vital research topics.

Research Areas in Cloud Computing

  • Data Privacy, Trust and Security
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Proactive Fault Tolerance, QoS and Reliability
  • Network Structure and Protocol Design
  • Standard, Policies and Business System
  • Cloud Security Architectures Design
  • Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Cloud assisted ERP Software Development
  • Cloud Service Level Agreements (Cloud-SLA)
  • Cloud based Big Data Management and Processing
  • Real-time Cloud Collaboration and Integration
  • Cloud Service Performance assessment and Designing
  • Integration of IoT and Block-chain in Cloud Computing
  • Context-Aware Resource, Information and Service Provisioning

Cloud Computing Topics for Thesis

  • Cloud Service Brokerage using Unified BaaS
  • Collecting User, Data and Model Driven Requirements
  • Dynamic Cloud Resource and Task Management
  • Lightweight Cloud Solution for Virtual Machine Benchmarking
  • Inter-Cloud Architecture and Service/Application Brokering

Beyond the above, we have infinite numbers of Cloud Computing Seminar Topics to serve you in your desired areas. For your knowledge, we have given some of the creative ideas that is more suitable for Seminar

Cloud Computing Topics for Seminar

  • Energy-Efficient Solutions for Cloud Storage
  • Efficient Cloud Data De-Duplication System
  • Cloud assisted Smart Learning System
  • Real-Time Smart Network Management in Cloud Computing
  • Secure Hybrid Cryptography for Cloud based File Storage
  • SQL Injection: Prevention and Detection of Data Leaks
  • Advance Network Traffic Management
Cloud Computing Seminar Topics

What is Network Traffic Management in the Cloud Environment?

For an illustration, have a look on Network Traffic Management. It uses various tools and techniques for the purpose of network monitoring and control. And also in order to assure the network functions, it uses in-depth packet review, application oriented routing and bandwidth observation. As a result, it improves the network safety and performance. We have also constructed numerous effective solutions for solving this problem.

Research Ideas in Cloud Network Traffic Management 

  • Content Aware Caching
  • Network based Intrusion Detection
  • Multi-Service / QoS Differentiation
  • Network Isolation or Segmentation
  • Lightweight Traffic Engineering
  • Dynamic Customized Addressing
  • Smart Traffic Management

To make you clear, here we have selected β€œsmart traffic management” research solution as sample. In present times, traffic congestion is turn out be a most challenging task. This proposed system integrates the efficiency and scalability features in distributed processes through huge traffic inspection. As a result, it offers efficient and operative methods to enhance the infrastructure, response time, etc. Then this also can be collaborated with other optimization techniques (as Application Traffic Management) for better performance.

How to manage Network Traffic in Cloud Computing?

  • It is the mixture of 3-layers system which utilizes Hadoop technology for open source entities
  • For the most part, it deals with the real-time vehicle route optimization to reduce the time for communication
  • For this smart technology, WSN, Social Media Cloud Model, Moving Cars, Communication protocols are used
  • Utilization of wireless communication sensors and protocols with modern technologies will increase the efficiency of real-world scenario
  • Gathered traffic information is further used for effective decision-making process which begins with mining strategies
  • To the end, the traffic estimation will reveal the expected bottlenecks to uphold clear drive in parking

Next, we can see about the level of network traffic management which clearly presents the how the traffic is controlled in each level such as task scheduling, allocating, etc.

  • Level 1: Task Service in Cloud Resources
    • Fairness
    • Resources Dependencies
    • Scheduling of Task
  • Level 2: Service Orchestration and Composition
    • Allotting Tasks to Resources (if required more resources can be assigned)
    • Proper Task Series Service
  • Level 3: Service Provision and Specification
    • Service Provision (sharing out of resources to run specific task)
    • Service Specification (description of tasks order)
  • Level 4: Network for Cloud Federation
    • Control of Network
    • Topology of Network
    • Provision of Network
  • Level 5: Approaches for constructing Cloud Federation
    • Dynamic Resource Distribution from Certain Clouds

Performance Analysis in Cloud Computing

In the development phase, performance analysis is the most important step to weight your research. Though you are choosing any area/topics, the system performance evaluation is common for all kinds of research. Let’s see how the cloud computing system is assessed and what are the parameters are used in it. And, the parameters may vary based on the proposed system functions and needs.

In general, the resource dependencies will change based on several factors such as workload (executed on VM and Host), time and etc. Moreover, the VM performance is majorly dependent on grouping of resources by followings,

  • RAM Utilization
  • Processing Time
  • Memory Bandwidth
  • CPU Cache Volume
  • Disk Input / Output
  • Network Access

Further, if you want to know more Cloud Computing Seminar Topics, then just hold your hands with us. We will let you know new budding research ideas.

VM Migration

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