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How to publish article in journal?

The process of publishing your article in a highly reputed academic journal is very difficult task. You can get a topic for your research anyhow, but to summarize that topic in a way which attracts the relievers interest is the difficult part.

Be Extremely Wary of Fraudulent Publishers – Not doing so Might Cost you your Reputation

            Only some people wish to publish their paper only in famous or most respected journals, others believe in their quality of paper, which brings the quality article and also the innovation in it, which can bring them recognition irrespective of the journal. Result based on several studies states that the article which is published in a reputable journal will not increase the quality of the article or the methodology in which it is carried out.

Do Things one step at a Time

            Create a file in your computer and dump all the headings and subheadings coming to your mind there. Then set a goal for each day till completing the whole file. If you reached the goal for a specific day, then bullet some points for the next day, so the next day you can start from there. While writing if you can’t a find a perfect matching word for a sentence, don’t worry about it and continue writing, once you find that word go back again and change that. The flow while writing a paper is very important, so focus more on writing rather than modifying.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

            Be familiar with how to explain your topic to a reviewer, by using plain language and being indefinite. You should make your summary, the paragraphs and even the very first line of your article to be very clear about the argument. Don’t make the readers to get bored while reading your article by making them to do more search in it to find the main theme of the article. Talk about different things in different section and be within the topic of your research.   

Ask People for their Honest Feedback

            Most of the authors face problem in writing their article. You may find difficulty writing your paper in English, the editor will not re-read your paper to understand it. Writing all your reviews clearly will get you near to publish your paper in a journal, especially when you are a beginner. Asking feedbacks can help you with writing also and you can get a sample journal copy which you want. Journals used to publish more reviews and fewer articles. So it looks for more reviewers.

Keep International Audiences in Mind While Writing your Article

            When you write your article keep the audience in mind to who you want to deliver your content. People cross the planet your article once it is published. So, everyone should understand your writing. Keep the targeted audience at first place while writing your manuscript which will be a better idea. The international journals which have readers for it worldwide will expect their authors to incorporate with context over international for their audience internationally.

Try not to confine your Entire Research Work to a Word Limit

            Some people writes all their theory related to their goals in a single file which is bit difficult. The experienced writers usually write more than one article for a single project by choosing a hook topic for their research.

Select the Most Suitable Journal for your Article

            You have to choose an appropriate journal to publish your article which best suits the aim and scope of your research. Many of the articles which are submitted for publication to a journal are totally inappropriate to the journal surprisingly.

Follow the Guidelines put Forth by the Journal to the Tee

            Many of the authors do not even read the instructions or guidelines produced by the journal for authors, but it holds lot of information. They are not ready to spend ten minutes for those guidelines but spending lot of time on unwanted process which wastes the time of editor and author. It can help the editor and peer reviewer work more easily and also helps you to save time on repeated correction also chance of getting rejected.

A Cover Letter is not a Resume

            The cover letter behaves as a summary of your theory and also holds some important information for the author from editor which they need to know. The editors look into the cover letter to know about the authors understanding about the article, to know the meaningful and interesting part of the article.

Get acquainted with the most Common Reasons for a Paper Being Rejected

            Find the area of your research to where it belongs from the wide range of science field and about the knowledge gap which it addresses. The main reason why the articles submitted for publication are rejected because they could not produce clarity content from their research findings or they lack necessary information.

Have a Wealth of Data to Back up your Findings & Maintain Consistency in doing so

            To write your article meaningfully, you have to fill it with important data, which many of the articles lack. A fact says that you can get a standard and limited data by closer inspection. “A few conversations in a cafeteria do not constitute ethnography”. By being clear from the starting of your writing itself you can produce an impactful statement in your article.

Maintain through Professionalism when Dealing with Reviewers & Responding to them

            When you once again resubmit your article for publication after doing corrections in it, add a document with it containing the detailed information about the suggestions by reviewers and the changes made in manuscript after the feedback. Always rely on facts and don’t write about your opinion. Read the written article several time to point out mistakes from it and correct that, discuss with others to get clarity then write a detailed description by maintaining professionalism. Avoid using your own opinion and thoughts in the article.

Exercise Patience through the Peer-Review

            Your article can be returned to you for doing corrections after going through peer review. Even after overcoming the struggles like writing article, passing editorial review chances of getting rejected after this also possible from peer review.

Don’t be Afraid to Contradicted the Opinions of Reviewers

            If you have a different opinion from any of the reviewer and you have proof for your argument then decline that reviewer’s suggestion and don’t make any changes to your manuscript. If you give a logical explanation then every editors can accept it. Moreover you have to take a look to all the feedbacks received.

Always Bear the Time to Publish Factor in Mind

            To publish your article in the best journal is the hardest part. When you come across the article that has been published in an article, you would not see the efforts put in it like the first review, first draft, the resubmitted article or any other temporary versions. You would only see the outcome and result produced from it, so never underestimate the work and effort spent for publishing an article in the journal.

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