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What is Datacenter in CloudSim

What is Datacenter in CloudSim

        As the matter of fact, you can easily get to know about the process of datacenter in CloudSim along with some instructions. Through this article, our research professionals have enlisted required process about the datacenters in CloudSim.

Datacenter in CloudSim

       In general, datacenter class is considered as the CloudResource along with the host list that are virtualized and it is based on the process of VM queries.

Code for Datacenter in CloudSim

        We have highlighted the sample code based on the process of the datacenter in CloudSim in the following.

public class DataCenterCreator {
public Datacenter createUserDatacenter(String name,int reqVms){
List hostList = new ArrayList();
List peList = new ArrayList();
int mips = 1000*reqVms;
peList.add(new Pe(0, new PeProvisionerSimple(mips)));
int hostId=0;
int ram = 2048; //host memory (MB)
long storage = 1000000; //host storage
int bw = 10000;
new Host(
RamProvisionerSimple(ram), new
BwProvisionerSimple(bw), storage,
new VmSchedulerTimeShared(peList) )
String arch = "x86"; // system architecture
String os = "Linux"; // operating system
String vmm = "Xen";
double time_zone = 10.0; // time zone this resource located
double cost = 3.0;
// the cost of using processing in this resource double costPerMem = 0.05;
// the cost of using memory in this resource double costPerStorage = 0.001;
// the cost of using storage in this resource double costPerBw = 0.0; //
the cost of using bw in this resource LinkedList storageList = new LinkedList();
DatacenterCharacteristics characteristics = new
DatacenterCharacteristics( arch, os, vmm, hostList, time_zone, cost, costPerMem, costPerStorage, costPerBw);
Datacenter datacenter = null;
try {
datacenter = new Datacenter(name, characteristics, new VmAllocationPolicySimple(hostList), storageList, 0);
} catch (Exception e) {
//System.out.println("Datacenter Executed...SUCCESS");
return datacenter;

Add Datacenters in CloudSim

          Finally, we have derived the process based on the addition of datacenters in CloudSim through entering the input parameters for the creation of cloud datacenters under the CSP.

Adding Datacenters in CloudSim

        In addition, the research scholars can research us to acquire more research assistance based on the implementation of the datacenters in CloudSim.

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