Cloud Computing Application Projects

Cloud Computing Application Projects

  Cloud Computing Application Projects offer praiseworthy intellectual solution for you to become as an erudite expert in cloud computing research. Our admirable research institution is found for abundance research philosophers and students to conquer hand on experience and professionalism in research and software solution development. Our universal-taking expert and professional training help scholars to conquer knowledge implementation in IT field. Colleagues, you can come closer at any time to gain best solution from us. We are always here for you at day and night.

Cloud Computing Application Projects

  Cloud Computing Application Projects give impressive and mind-blowing research solution for predominance of research academicians and students to conquer excellent coming in your future. Every day, we reinvigorate their knowledge by technical advancement in cloud computing research as like CMaaS (Cloud Monitoring as a Service), hybrid cloud management, hyper-convergence, cloud architecture, enterprise cloud, open source and multiple cloud provider management service to provide service integration, monitoring and management.       Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. If you want something you never had, you can come to us. We can do something new you never done.

Software/Tools for Cloud Computing Applications:

  • PushToTestMaker
  • App Thwack
  • Amazon’e Elastic Computing Cloud
  • Nessus
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Jenkins Dev@Cloud
  • BlazeMeter
  • LoadStorm
  • SOASTA CloudTest

Cloud Computing Application Platforms:

  • Windows Azure Services Platform
  • Google App Engine for Java
  • Cloud Foundry
  • Appistry CloudQ Engine
  • The Rackspace Cloud

Current Cloud Computing Application Projects:

-Cloud Enterprise Applications for Migration

-Scientific Computing on the Cloud

  • Stratus
  • NEWT (Hadoop Yarn)
  • Dynamic Algorithm Modleing Application

-Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Mobile Cloud Applications
  • Mobile Cloud Middleware

-Mobile Web Services

  • Mobile Web Service Discovery
  • Mobile Host

-Mobile Computing

  • Pervasive Mobile Applications
  • Sensor Data and Image Processing
  • Asynchronous Notification Services for Mobiles

-Internet of Things

  • Trust, Middleware and IoT
  • Energy efficient IoT
  • WiseWare monitoring Tasks
  • IoT and Smart solutions
  • Service oriented fog computing with Interconnected Mobile Edge of Things

The Most Effective Cloud Computing Application Projects Titles:

  • Cloud Computing Security Ontology Based Enterprise Architecture Modeling as a Reference Model
  • Integrate Biomedical Resources Using Cloud Based Computational Paradigm
  • A Framework for Digital Architecture Impact in Software Based Ecosystems on Firm Performance
  • Video Analytics E2E (End to End) SDN/NFV Orchestration Using Cloud Computing and Edge Through Programmable Optical Networks
  • Data Locality Strategies Evaluation for Bursting Iterative MapReduce on Hybrid Cloud
  • Confidential Point of Care Medical Diagnostic Used in Trusted Sensor Signal Protection
  • Application Execution Time Prediction in Virtualization Environment for Effective CPU Provisioning
  • Automated Performance Evaluation to Mixed Workloads for Multi-Tier Cloud Service Systems
  • Analyze Frequency Domain Based Feature Extraction Techniques Performance for Facial Expression Recognition
  • Delay Time Algorithm for Dynamic Resource Scheduling in Cloud Environment
  • Semi-Marko Decision Process Based Resource Allocation Scheme for Dynamic Vehicular Clouds
  • Android Malware Detection on Images Patterns by Applying Classification Methodologies
  • Incentive Based Workload Assignment in Ad Hoc Cloud with Power Allocation
  • Network Computing Testbed System Implementation on Open Source Virtualized Cloud
  • Efficient Offloading Control with Mobile Edge Computing inCLoud Radio Access Network