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Cloud Computing Mini Projects will make you feel happy until your successful project end. A lot of final year students will choose the cloud for their project. This page’s main aim is to provide the project (mini/final year) support for students in the cloud.

Of course, the cloud is an easy domain to think about and use several new ideas. Thus, we will also make cloud computing mini projects. It will suit any kind of students across the world. If a student has no background about their mini-project, it is not a huge issue for us. Since we will create the idea and also then do a project with delivering you on time.

Don’t afraid of your mini project because it is a simple task than your final year project. For your mini-project, we will aid in all aspects.

Implementing  Cloud Computing Mini Projects with source code

Our Mini Projects Service Supports

  • Topic selection
  • Programming tool selection
  • Language selection
  • Algorithm and also in method use
  • Flow diagram also for the concept
  • Project short and also long description
  • Project source codes
  • Installation and also in execution procedure
  • And also in Quick guide to know the basic ideas

Let’s view some mini project idea in cloud,

  • Email Service Creation
  • Photo Sharing Application
  • Multi People Chat Service
  • Roaming Services in Clouds
  • Agent based Cloud Computing
  • Performance, Provisioning, and also Configuration, etc.
  • Virtualization and also in Management Discovery/Management

Key Components in Cloud

  • Virtualization
    • Storage Virtualization
    • Network Virtualization
    • Server Virtualization
  • Infrastructure Management
    • Self-service Portal (Add/Remove (or) Start/stop services)
    • Automated Provisioning
  • Workload Management
    • Resource Scheduling
    • Reservation Resource Process
    • And also in Resource Management

Commercial Clouds Platform

  • Amazon Web Services
  • VMWare
  • 3TeraTM
  • B-hive
  • Cycle Computing
  • VMOps
  • MOSSO (the hosting cloud)
  • Q-Layer
  • Power of Network.Com
  • And also CITRIX

Concepts – Cloud Computing Mini Projects

  • Hybrid Bio-Inspired Algorithm
  • Context and also Load Aware Family Genetic Algorithm
  • Cloud also Based on Extended Version of DE Algorithm
  • Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
  • Hybrid ACO and also PSO Algorithm
  • Multi-Objective Hybrid ABC Algorithm
  • Orthogonal Taguchi-Cat Algorithm
  • Hybrid Heuristic Queue Based Algorithm
  • Energy Aware Processor Merging Algorithm
  • Johnson’s Rule also Based on Genetic Algorithm
  • Efficient Multi-Task Scheduling Algorithm
  • Soft Sets Based Symbiotic Organisms Search Algorithm
  • QoS-based Task Scheduling Algorithm
  • A Deadline Constrained Workflow Scheduling Algorithm

We will afford your cloud computing mini projects at a low cost. Your sources are not ever copied (plagiarism) from any source, and also, all those are very new. If you also require any modification in your mini project, then you can ask us. It is also our job to help you with the happy moment of your project. After our service delivers, you can get the code execution help, so it will easy for you.

VM Migration

Key Services

  • Literature Survey
  • Research Proposal
  • System Development
  • AWS Integration
  • Algorithm Writing
  • Pesudocode
  • Paper Writing
  • Conference Paper
  • Thesis Writing
  • Dissertation Writing
  • MS Thesis
  • Assignments


I really appreciate your project development team. Since, your source codes are very easy to understand and execute it. Thank you!

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You’re amazing and great working with you! I am totally satisfied with your paper writing. Keep up the best service for scholars!

- Lewis

Thank you so much for my project support and you guys are well done in project explanation. I get a clear vision about it.

- Eliza

You’ve been so helpful because my project is based on the AWS and HDFS integration. Before my commitment with you, I’ve a lot of fear, but you people rocked on my project.

- Henry

Your project development is good and you made it so simple. Especially, codes are very new and running without any error.

- Frank

You exactly did my project according to my demand. I tried many services, but I get the correct result from you. So surely I will keep working with you!

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