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Cloud Computing Mini Projects

Cloud is a storage or data centre controlled by servers. Have you ever synced the data from your device to the any storage system? Then you have used real cloud computing. Cloud services include the following.

  • Networking
  • Software
  • Intelligence
  • Databases
  • Storage

If your search is towards finding the trusted guidance for cloud computing mini projects, then you have been brought to the right place. We are one of the very few online research guidance providers in cloud computing.

Implementing  Cloud Computing Mini Projects with source code

Here is a clear overview on cloud computing and its projects. In different sections, we have completely explained the essentialities for you to take up projects in cloud. We will start with types of cloud computing


Cloud computing can be classified based on model of deployment as follows.

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Multi cloud

Based on category of service, cloud services is classified as

  • SaaS or Software as a Service – email, games, virtual desktop
  • PaaS or Platform as a Service – database, execution run time
  • IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service – severs, load balancers, virtual machines

Based on highly recommended user friendly cloud services available today, our experts are learning them for more than a decade and have been working out projects on that. Our team is now greatly qualified and experienced to support any type of projects in cloud computing.


There are some issues associated with cloud computing that makes it a big deal. They are as follow.

  • Access from anywhere through anything
  • Local IT must be focussed
  • High scale installations at low cost
  • Increased scalability, sharing of load and increased cost

There are also few other issues which need some technical explanations to understand them. Now you may think doing projects in cloud with these issues will not be an easy task. Of course it isn’t. But many scholars and students have made it easier with us. Our expert team is ready to guide you to overcome these difficulties more easily. The following are the concerns associated with cloud computing.

  • Privacy and security issues
  • Dynamic API
  • Cloud interactions
  • Characteristics of applications
  • Data control and performance
  • Reliability, SLAs

You should have a deep concern over these aspects while doing cloud computing mini projects. This is because you may not have much time or money to make it up for you if these concerns are not regarded at the initial stage of your project.

Engineers with us are well aware of these facts as they had guided more than 5000 research projects in cloud computing. Now let us look into the components of cloud computing model.


You are supposed to know in detail about the cloud computing components. The components of cloud computing include the following

  • Cloud consumer – consumes cloud services
  • Cloud provider – service providers who also ensure computing resources to cloud
  • Cloud broker – negotiates services between provider and consumer
  • Cloud auditor – audits security, performance and impact of the service
  • Cloud carrier – the bridge between provider and consumer

Developers with us can guide you in knowing more about the working of these parts. These are distinct in their functioning. It is must for someone like you who is willing to do cloud computing mini projects to completely understand its role in everyday life. Continue reading to further analyse about its day-to-day advantages.


The following are the major uses of cloud computing

  • Accessed over internet
  • Dynamic and elastic
  • Purchasing and billing is easier
  • Provided as a service
  • Resources are configurable
  • Multi-tenant
  • Massive infrastructure

When you start using cloud services you will feel the greatness of it. From then on you will come up with your own points as advantages of using cloud computing. It’s now the right time for you to have some technical idea on cloud computing that is cloud task scheduling.


The cloud based tasks are classified on different bases.

  • Short running tasks
    • HPC tasks – intensive of memory and CPU
    • Data intensive tasks – sensitive to input and output
  • Long running tasks
    • Interactive tasks – classified as latency sensitive and memory intensive
    • Compute intensive tasks – bags of tasks and dog based workflow

Scheduling is an important part in cloud computing which may get you greater scope for future research. So you are insisted to know more about cloud task scheduling. We will provide you magazines and resources (journal research papers) to understand it.

Even if you don’t understand, you need not worry as you are protected by our guidance programme where we clear your doubts instantly and our experts will give you practical version to make you understand anything. Now let us look into service level agreements in brief.


The following are the three types of SLA s or Service level Agreements

  • Service based SLA usual agreement of users for using cloud providers
  • Customer based SLA provides all services of cloud at the same the place
  • Multi level SLA shows varied customer support based on the audience

These are quite easy to comprehend as their works are suggested by their names. You may put up a call to us to get them explained by our experts


The following are the major issues associated with cloud computing

  • Quality of service and performance
  • Streaming of applications
  • Models and cost
  • Standard SLA
  • Security concerns
  • Privacy, reliability
  • Efficiency in power
  • SLA in cloud
  • Subscription of services
  • Controlling and management of cloud
  • Cloud services during roaming
  • Contracts related to cloud
  • Portability of applications
  • Designing of application owned by cloud
  • Assurance for privacy protection
  • Back end solutions for cloud

Our team is highly skilled to design projects to rectify any kind of issues. We will give you the design and summary of our successfully designed projects in cloud computing. Then it will become easy for you to judge how our experts have been working?

Shared infrastructure with multiple clients under the idea of virtualisation makes cloud computing a huge. Do you know that Cloud computing has actually reduced the cost of conventional computing?


Following are the top project areas in cloud computing.

  • Secure design
  • Cloud computing based on agents
  • Provisioning of dynamic resources
  • Cloud Big data analytics
  • Ensuring security and cloud properties
  • Balancing of load

You can take up your project from any one of these areas. Or you are also free to choose your own topic. We are highly equipped with knowledge, data and skill set to provide you complete guidance.


Our experts are well versed in the following cloud computing skills.

  • Programming skills – Java, .NET, Php, python and ruby
  • Networking skills – virtual networking and integrating cloud and network
  • Web services and API – UDDI, SOAP, XML and WSDL
  • Database skills – Hadoop and MySQL
  • Linux – for creation and maintenance of applications
  • Service providers – Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, GCP and AWS
  • Security of data – measures for prevention of security breach
Further the our team has gained huge knowledge in the following field
  • Knowing operating systems especially Linux helps in Infrastructure as a service
  • Networking knowledge for organisation of cloud activities
  • Virtualization knowledge for running and working of gadgets

Our engineers can guide you throughout your project journey. After designing your project, you should evaluate yours with our great skills. For that purpose we are providing you a comparative study in cloud computing. For providing services that are highly available, you need to create a system that comparatively excels the many aspects of cloud computing like the following.


  • CPU cycles
  • Storage
  • Usage of memory

Based on the quality of services the following aspects are to be considered.

  • Reliability
  • Latency
  • Throughput
  • Availability

The projects that we have delivered till date never failed to top these checks. So we are probably the institution that you have been looking for. Our team will take you through our success. Get ready to become amazed.

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