Cloud Computing Final Year Projects

Cloud Computing Final Year Projects

    Cloud Computing Final Year Projects offer high-tech intellectual biosphere for you to ameliorate your knowledge with the best ambition to conquer world-taking achievement. Our “Universal Top Research Development Center” is organized by our collaborative universal-shaking knowledgeable experts for the vision of provide leading-edge and advanced real time Cloud Computing Final Year Projects for research intellectuals and students. We offer mind-blowing project development training for scholars with the scope of help them which prepare for dream of career and to take on further challenges in upcoming research as soon as they enter into development and working mode. You can contact us with your questions and quotations. Our expert’s team is available at 24*7 so you will get a fast response from us.

Cloud Computing Final Year Projects

   Cloud Computing Final Year Projects is our highbrowed service established for support and help worldwide research academicians and students with the dream of make them as an expert in cloud computing research. To make our dream as a real, we give expert development training for students and researches in cloud computing research and technologies like cross cloud security, cloud traffic measurement & characterization, inter cloud & intra cloud networks, IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) Cloud etc.  The Cloud is a buzzword which is highly referred among current researchers and it can operate anywhere or we can use it as a single computer. You have another way to look at your cloud computing final year projects. Here’s we briefly describes about cloud computing resources.

Characterization on Cloud:

  • Virtualization
  • Massive Scale
  • Homogeneity
  • Low Cost Software
  • Resilient Computing
  • Geographic Distribution
  • Service Orientation
  • Advanced Security
  • Broad Network Access
  • Rapid Elasticity
  • Measured Services
  • Resource Pooling

Cloud Computing Layers:

  • Storage Platform: Dell, Apple, Amazon S3, etc.
  • Server Platform: 3 Tera, EC2, GoGrid, Linode, SliceHost, RightScale, etc.
  • Application Service (SaaS): IBM, Google Apps, Quicken Online, Cisco, MS Live/Exchange Labs, Zoho, etc.
  • Application Platform: Mosso, FaceBook, AWS, Engine Yard,, Google App Engine, Heroku, etc.

We are providing cloud computing ideas in following areas,

Cloud Services Development

  • Interoperability and Cloud Federations among Clouds
  • Cloud based Analytic Computing and Analytic Services
  • Cloud Services for DevOPs Paradigm
  • Moving Existing Services to the Cloud
  • Model Driven Design for Multi-Cloud Services

Cloud and IoT services

  • Automatic Provisioning and Management
  • Elasticity Analytics and Control
  • Elastic Data as a Service
  • IoT and Fog Middleware
  • Cloud models for Multi-Cloud Environment

Cloud Business Processes

  • Social media in Business Processes
  • Services Orchestration (IoT services composition)
  • Business Processes as a Service
  • Quality of Result aware Business Processes

Research Topics on Cloud Computing Final Year Projects:

  • TCP Context Migration Strategy in Vehicular Networks for Efficient Data Services
  • Implementation of Integrated Ant Colony Optimization and Tabu Search in Heterogeneous Cloud Computing for Multi-resource Fair Allocation
  • Classify Hyper Spectral Image Using Functional Link Artificial Neural Network and Multilayer Perception Neural Network
  • Minimum Time Bucket Synchronization Algorithm Design and Analysis for Distributed and Parallel Simulation
  • Quality of Experience (QoE) Metrics for Adaptive Software Defined Network (SDN) Based Architecture on Cloud Mobile Media in Live Video Streaming
  • Participatory Sensing Privacy Preserving Optimization in Mobile Cloud Computing
  • A Wearable System and Device for Sport Applications for Biometric Data Acquisition and Movement
  • Cost Aware Fronthaul Rate Allocation in Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) to Maximize Multi-User Reception Benefit
  • Adaptive Traffic Control Algorithms and Methods Optimization in Virtual Data Center
  • A Network Functions Virtualization Orchestrator for Aware of Virtualized Network Function (VNF) Internal Compositions Wireless Environment
  • Resource Allocation Optimization for Virtualized Network Functions Using Genetic Algorithms in a Cloud Center
  • An Insightful Write Buffer Strategy in Home Cloud Server for Improving SSD Performance
  • Tabular Virtual Machine for Reducing Service Chains Hop Violations in Cloud Data Centers
  • Hierarchical Task Placement for Low Cost and Power to Enable a Tapered Fat Free Topology in HPC Network
  • Fog Empowered Anomaly Detection Using Hyper-ellipsoidal Clustering in IoT (Internet of Things)