Cloud Computing Mini Projects

Cloud Computing Mini Projects

     Cloud Computing Mini Projects provide an ultramodern technological network for you to flying above this scientific real world by our wing of excellent guidance. Our mind-blowing knowledgeable scientists are only working for students to gives much desired hand-on experience, evaluate your eligibility and opening to work in technical team. It should provide much benefit as stepping stone beforehand one embarks on IT field. Today, we have a significant clientele and immense of real-time and live projects. We are not only providing projects, we also give in-depth knowledge in state-of-the-art research, modernistic technologies and applications. You can call us at 24 hours for any guidance and support. We are always near for you.

Cloud Computing Mini Projects

   Cloud Computing Mini Projects is our scholarly research background for students and research philosophers to conquer highly developed and sophisticated cloud computing projects. Our primary ambition is to make our students as innovators, scientists and experts in this specific field. On account of this, we give admirable development environment for students to implement highly challengeable real time and live projects being a technological service organization.    Now, let’s grasp about cloud computing through single sentence definition:

   …” Cloud Computing is a style of computing paradigm which providing computing and storage resources for users over the Internet”

Why do we use Cloud Computing?

  • Open Standards based
  • Quick Deployment
  • Flexibility and Reliability
  • No bothering about Software Licenses and Infrastructures

Cloud Computing Individualities:

  • Linearly Scalable (Agility- On demand computing infrastructure)
  • Fault-tolerance and Reliability (SLA driven and Self-Healing)
  • Service Oriented (Customize applications out of loosely coupled services)
  • Virtualized (Cloud decoupled from hardware)
  • Data, Data, Data (Partitioning, Security, Distributing, Synchronization(
  • Multi-tenancy (Several cloud customers share infrastructure, thereby compromising security and privacy of the each cloud users)

Cloud Computing Enables-Key Technology Components:


  • Storage Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • Server Virtualization

Infrastructure Management

  • Self-service Portal (Add/Remove or Start/stop services)
  • Automated Provisioning

Workload Management

  • Resource Scheduling
  • Resource Reservation
  • Resource Management

Commercial Clouds Platform:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • VMWare
  • 3TeraTM
  • B-hive
  • Cycle Computing
  • VMOps
  • MOSSO (the hosting cloud)
  • Q-Layer
  • Power of Network.Com

Cloud Computing Algorithms:

  • Hybrid Bio-Inspired Algorithm
  • An Innovative Context and Load Aware Family Genetic Algorithm
  • Cloud Based Enhanced Differential Evolution Algorithm
  • Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
  • Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  • Mylti-Objective Hybrid Artificial Be Colony Algorithm
  • Orthogonal Taguchi-Cat Algorithm
  • Hybrid Heuristic Queue Based Algorithm
  • Energy Aware Processor Merging Algorithm
  • Johnson’s Rule Based Genetic Algorithm
  • Efficient Multi-Task Scheduling Algorithm
  • Soft Sets Based Symbiotic Organisms Search Algorithm
  • Quality of Service Task Scheduling Algorithm
  • A Deadline Constrained Workflow Scheduling Algorithm

Let’s view some mini project idea for cloud computing,

  • Email Service Creation
  • Photo Sharing Application
  • Multi People Chat Service
  • Roaming Services in Clouds
  • Agent based Cloud Computing
  • Performance, Provisioning, Configuration, etc.
  • Virtualization Management Discovery/Management

  We collected the best Cloud Computing Mini Projects list for Students in following. Get Instant Help for Cloud Computing Mini Projects.

  • Reflexive Hybrid Methodology for User Desired Frequently Asked Question to Provide Precise Answer
  • Evaluate Cost Benefit on Parallel Execution for Enhancing Test Efficiency Over Cloud
  • Classifying and Sensing Indoor Environments for Lot Based Portable Tour Guide System
  • Two Phase Bounded Heuristic Approach for Post Disaster Relief Distribution
  • Cloud Service Platform Using JIT (Just in Time) Compilation for Symbolic Numeric Computation
  • Efficient Protocol for Secure Deletion and Searchable Encryption on Cloud Storage
  • Hybrid Content Caching in Cloud Based Wireless Networks for Low E2E (End-to-End) Latency
  • First Step Towards an Internet of Things Wireless Sensors Network Implementation for Monitoring Environmental Radiation
  • A Framework for Security Service Collaboration Enabling Across Multiple Domains
  • Future Automotive Vehicle Big Data Marketplaces Using Novel CVIM (Common Vehicle Information Model)
  • Influence of Virtual Machine Allocation Policies in Cloud on MPI Exchange and MPI Bcast Latency
  • A Hybrid Cross Layer Dew-Fog-Cloud Stack Structural Design for Future Data Driven Cyber-Physical Systems
  • A Novel Concept for Ensuring Effective Mobile Communication System Functioning in Heterogeneous 5G Infrastructure
  • Implement Quality of Service Using Data Analysis in Web Service Ranking and Selection
  • Workflow Scheduling Based on Multi Objective Optimization Using Black Hole Algorithm in Cloud Computing