Mobile Cloud Computing Thesis

Mobile Cloud Computing Thesis

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Mobile Cloud Computing Thesis

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Research Areas in Mobile Cloud Computing:

  • Integration of Data Mining/Information Retrieval with Mobile Cloud
  • Energy efficiency in mobile cloud computing and networking
  • Mobile cloud applications and services
  • Storage as a Service in mobile cloud computing
  • Security, privacy and access control
  • Device mobility and unified user management
  • Service and resource management, scheduling and migration
  • Social networks exploration and user collaboration
  • Location based mobile cloud applications
  • Virtualization techniques for mobile cloud services
  • Cloudlets, crowdsourcing and sensing in mobile cloud

Major Research Issues in Mobile Cloud Computing:

  • Resource Limitations
  • Security Issues
  • Latency/Bandwidth
  • Signal Disturbance
  • Processing Power-Low Computing Agility
  • Quality of Service (affected by weather, buildings and landforms)

Solutions to mitigate the issues:

  • 4G/5G Technology
  • Offloading Mobile Applications (Androids/Linux)
  • Security
  • Embedded Hypervisor
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud based Mobile Augmentation
  • Computation Offloading
  • Live Cloud Streaming
  • Multi-tier Programming
  • Remote Data Management Solutions

Recent Advances in Mobile Cloud Computing:

  • Energy Efficient Task Execution (reduce energy consumption in both the cloud and mobile devices)
  • Proximity Cloud Design and Architecture (Delivers low-latency, bandwidth efficient end user services)
  • Software Privacy Control Framework in Mobile Cloud Computing (To prevent mobile application privacy)
  • Virtual Mobile Networks in Clouds (enable resource sharing between multiple mobile network operators)
  • Dynamic Configuration of Cloud Radio Access Networks (To improve end-to-end TCP throughput performance in next generation wireless networks)

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Topics on Mobile Cloud Computing Thesis:

  • A Round-Wise Fair Scheduling Mechanism for Task Asymptotic Complexity Based Mobile Clouds
  • Predict Mobile for Efficient Resources Management in VCC (Vehicular Cloud Computing)
  • Efficient Double Action Approach for On-Demand Transport Services in Mobile Commerce Based on Cloud
  • Augmented Resource Allocation Framework Coordination of Disaster Response in Mobile Cloud Environments
  • Cloud Enabled Hybrid Structural Design Using Mobile Device for In-Class Interactive Learning
  • Cost Efficient Repository Management for On-Demand Video Streaming Based on Cloud
  • An Innovative Application for Nutrient Deficiencies Identification Using IoT (Internet of Things) in Oil Palm
  • Sharing Hybrid Scalable and Secure Electronic Health Record in Hybrid Cloud
  • Dynamic Fault-Tolerance and Mobility Provisioning on Mobile Computing for Services
  • Decision Tree Based Methodologies for Performing Adaptive Monitoring and Handling Offloading Decisions in Mobile Cloud Computing Systems
  • Social Media Intermediation Robot Using External Cloud Based Services for Elderly People
  • Modular Technique for Android Application Based Smart System Architectures
  • Authentication Pattern Based on Hardware and Software Co-Verification for IoT (internet of Things)
  • Cloud Computing Environment for Mobile Based Location Tracking without Internet Connectivity
  • Elastic IP Media SaaS (Subsystem as a Service) Extensible Orchestration Using Open Baton