Cloud Based Projects for Engineering Students

Cloud Based Projects for Engineering Students

     Cloud Based Projects for Engineering Students provide mind-blogging intellectual research stadium for students and research philosophers to invent hi-tech technology in the animated scientific atmosphere. Today, we have trustworthy and excellent relationship with the national and international level top universities and colleges with the vast motivation of widespread our genius and virtuoso notion among research and students community. Our success is only based on our scholar’s satisfaction and achievements. We earn robust reputation among scholars who come from various universities and colleges for career guidance advance to them. If you need our support and help, you can get in touch with us today.

Cloud Based Projects for Engineering Students

     Cloud Based Projects for Engineering Students service is offered by our cutting edge research development center for the handsome dream of make budding of research scholars and students as a world-celebrated professional in this zealous scientific environment. On these days, we provide excellent project development training for scholars to accomplish their cloud computing projects on best trending technologies namely DOTNET, Android, Java, Matlab etc.

Now, let’s have a glance over cloud services,

    …”Cloud services (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) offer customized services for cloud users E.g. Google Apps Engine, Amazon EC2,, etc.”

Features of Cloud Services:

  • Dynamic Computing Infrastructure
  • Self-Managed, Self-Service Platforms
  • Internet Access
  • Programmatic Control of Server Resources
  • Cloud Provisioning
  • Geographic Distribution

Cloud based Services Uses in Communications:

  • Text (Email and IM)
  • Video
  • Voice
  • Collaboration
  • Code Review
  • Source Code Management
  • Project Management Software

Cloud Services Living Example:

  • Cloud Resources (Google Docs and Sites) based Requirements Collection
  • OPS and Deployment in the Cloud using Amazon EC2
  • Cloud Testing using Amazon EC2
  • Cloud Development using Amazon EC2
  • Cloud Resources Development using GitHub
  • Cloud Task Management using Trello
  • Cloud Project Management using VersionOne

      We offer cloud based projects for engineering students B.E/B.Tech, M.E/M.Tech, and other postgraduate students MCA/M.Sc. In addition to final year projects, we provide guidance for thesis development and research paper writing.  Our main objective is to gain 100%  satisfaction guarantee from our customers. Here’s, we enumerate few topics on cloud based projects for engineering students,

  • Collaborative and Data Analysis with Heterogeneous Devices Towards a Framework
  • Provable Secure Private Data Delegation in Emergency System for Mountaineering Events
  • Autonomous Control Plane and Flexible Architecture for Metro Scale Geographically Distributed Data Centers
  • Android Application Based on Crowdsourcing for Data Analytics and Structural Health Monitoring of Roads Using Cloud Computing
  • Optimal Service Functions Chains Using Multi-Objective Scheduling of Micro-Services
  • Cost Optimization for Dynamic Data Migration and Replication in Cloud Data Centers
  • Evaluation of Integrating Bootstrap with Multiple Imputation on Knights Landing Platform Using R
  • Two-Point Three Dimensional Correlation Function Accuracy Aware Implementation on GPU Using Bin-Recycling Strategy
  • Realistic Study on Analyzing Distortion Detection Using SA and NLP on OSN in Banking Institution
  • An Enterprise Resource Management Model for Data Mining, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analysis
  • High Level Vulnerability of SDN (Software Defined Network) in Telecommunication Network Evolution Context
  • Camera Pose Estimation in SLAM Based Mobile AR Game Using Optical Flow and ORB Descriptor
  • Information Centric Networking Based Smart Home Services by Cloud of Things (CoT) Framework
  • Cost Efficient Virtual Machine (VM) Configuration Algorithm Using Mix Scaling Approach in the Cloud
  • Fragmentation Prevention for Peer to Peer (P2P) File Sharing in the Cloud File System Using Smart Devices