Cloud Computing Based Project Ideas

Cloud Computing Based Project Ideas

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Cloud Computing Based Project Ideas

  Cloud Computing Based Project Ideas is our premier quality of project development service introduced with the aspiration of enriching research intellectuals and student’s knowledge to strongly create their profile in this world. Today, our experts provide erudite development training in cloud computing with the rising urgency in the social media networking. Due to this, we offer our leading service which is delivered by our skillful professionals who have royal experience in this respective arena.    Our main objective is to look away the possible by fast delivery with affordable pricing. Moreover we provide special focus towards our customer relationship.

Now, let’s see some Cloud Computing based Project Ideas,

  • Cloud Computing Environments
  • Cloud Service Orchestration
  • Cloud APIs and Usage Control
  • Cloud Load Balancing
  • Multi-Cloud/Inter-Clouds
  • Customer Cloud Management
  • Data Centers Management
  • Cloud Scalable Monitoring
  • Virtual Slices Management
  • Management as a Service
  • SaaS Management
  • Application and Management Portals
  • Hybrid Clouds and Cloud Scheduling
  • Fog or Edge Computing
  • Social Clouds and Mobile Clouds
  • Autonomic Cloud Computing
  • Cloud-IoT or Smart Cities Integration
  • Green Cloud Computing
  • Automated Resource Slicing
  • Infrastructure Virtualization Management Tools
  • Integration of Optical and Wireless Domains

Current Topics on Cloud Computing Project Ideas:

  • Mas Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Smartphone for Real-Time Navigation Maps Enhancement
  • A New Consumption Model Design and Development from Big Data to form DaaP (Data as a Service)
  • Service Provisioning Update Scheme in Cloudlet Network for Mobile Application Users
  • Multi-Tenant Service Based Systems Used in Formulating Criticality Based Cost Effective Fault Tolerance Strategies
  • Information Resource Service Using Liked Semantic Model Towards Cloud Manufacturing
  • Spatial Temporal Data Storage Solution Used in Smart Cities for Water Monitoring Infrastructures
  • Tracking Mobile Based Location without Any Internet Connectivity Using Cloud Computing Environment
  • Data Access Latency and Energy Consumption Minimization on Deep Memory Hierarchies for Leveraging on Single Chip Cloud Computers
  • Migration Enhanced Edge Computing Support in Hostile Environments for Mobile Devices
  • VNF Management Method Used for Virtualization Network Function Group Table in NFV (Network Function Virtualization)
  • Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) Based Cloud Security Services Selection and Evaluation
  • Nearest Neighbor Mean Distance Novelty Detection Based on Active Learning for Large Data Set
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Based HealthCare Monitoring Using Real-Time Signal Quality Aware ECG Telemetry System
  • Vision Based Navigation Method for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Local Maneuvering
  • Sheets-core Mapping API and Fuzzy Classification Technique for Automated Instrumental Music Transcription