Cloud Computing Project Ideas

Cloud Computing Project Ideas

  Cloud Computing Project Ideas offer splendid sensible environment that introduced with the vast motivation of feed creativeness and ingenious knowledge for scholars to chosen best for fulfill their final year projects. Owing to, we undertake research colleagues and student’s existing research and project software reengineering with the latest technology offering. We adopt the combination of research development methodology to ensure right tools usage, which is suit in project development needs. As experts with the great business ethics, we keep confidentiality and privacy in every project that we undertake for our scholars. Students, you can call or email us. Our friendly expert service will be on-hand to offer you as assistance at any time.

Cloud Computing Project Ideas

  Cloud Computing Project Ideas is our universal celebrated research and project development provider for researcher intellectuals and students to give awe-inspiring development training for the primary scope of make scholars as a ground-breaking expert. We afford Cloud Computing Project Ideas for our scholars to select best project in cloud computing areas like multimedia cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, energy management in cloud center, cloud programming models, tools & benchmarks etc.

Let’s see some cloud computing project ideas,

Cloud Adoption

  • Sensitive data handling
  • Governance solutions assessment
  • Key drivers of cloud computing solutions
  • Resources computing of Instantaneous Provisioning
  • Cloud Security Aspects
  • Tapping into an infinite storage capacity
  • Cost effective Pay-as-you use billing models
  • Varied loads handling with seamless scalability and elasticity

SaaS Exploitation

  • Local hardware and software requirement minimization
  • SaaS Characterization
  • Streamlining Administration with Centralized Updates and Installation
  • Optimizing performance and cost with ability to scale on demand
  • Comparison of Service Scenarios
  • Collaboration improvement with Business Productive Tools
  • SaaS Technologies Inspection
  • Web Applications Deployment
  • Web Services Implementation: REST and SOAP
  • Business process simplification creation using existing components

Delivering PaaS

  • Heading Centering
  • PaaS components specification
  • Building services with solution stacks
  • Managing cloud storage
  • PaaS Provisions Analysis
  • Vendor Specific Platforms Evaluation
  • Service Platform Tools
  • Cloud based Services Monitoring
  • Data Availability Improvement
  • Services Employment
  • Cloud Testing
  • Unstructured data controlling in the cloud
  • Relational databases deployment in the cloud

Deploying IaaS

  • Scalable Server Clusters
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Elastic Storage Devices
  • IaaS Accessing
  • Provisioning servers on demand
  • Achieving Transparency with Platform Virtualization
  • Tools and support for management and monitoring
  • Static and Dynamic IP addresses handling

Cloud Migration

  • Migration Planning
  • Vendor Selection
  • Integrate cloud with previous applications
  • Cloud Rearchitecturing Applications
  • Avoiding Vendor Lock-in
  • Resource usage Vs. Availability
  • Replication and Data Security

A few list of cloud computing technologies:

  • Building a cloud server using vSphere and VMWareESXi
  • Building a private cloud using WAMP, LAMP and eyeOS
  • Recruting application using SaaS (Salesforce)
  • Warehouse management system using SaaS (Salesforce)
  • Pushbots cloud application using Cloud PaaS

The Cloud Computing Project Ideas Checklist:

  • Asymmetric Cooperation Optimization for Downlink Cloud Radio Access Network Under Constraint per-Base Station Data Transfer
  • Dynamic Pricing Pattern for Computer Scheduling Based Electric Vehicle Charging-Discharge Service
  • Request Latency Maximization for Data Consistency Algorithms Based on Majority Quorum in Multiple Data Centers
  • Unsafe Traffic Using Adaptive Detection and Architecture prevention in Software Defined Network Enabled Mobile Networks
  • On the Distributed Performance and Demand Response Based on Cloud in Smart Grid
  • Towards Wireless Sensor Network Practical Wireless Sensor Networks Integration in Cloud Dedicated to Smart Environments
  • Harnessing Hybrid Virtualization to Enhance Instance Usage and Re-usage in Public Cloud
  • Computing Organization Method in High Loaded Software Defined Network (SDN) Controller System
  • Routing Protocol Based on Trustworthiness Evaluation for Incompletely Predictable VANET (Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks)
  • An Energy Efficient Storage Strategy for Hyper-graph Variable K-Coverage Based Cloud Datacenters
  • Hyper-spectral and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Data Cloud Shadow Mixed Remote Sensed Scene Classification
  • Research on Users Activity and Gregariousness Gropu POIs Recommendation Fusion in Location Based Social Network (LBSN)
  • Towards Database virtualization Using Dynamic Service Composition for Efficient Data Management
  • Data Center Power Management Using Neural Network Based Power Prediction for Regulation Service
  • Bitmap Index and Homomorphic Medium Access Control for Verifiable Encrypted Keyword Search