Cloud Computing Projects for Final Year Students

Cloud Computing Projects for Final Year Students

     Cloud Computing Projects for Final Year Students is our world leading service which is established for final year students to obtain knowledge from our top experts. Our major vision is to offer standard cloud computing projects for final year students in the specified technology. Due to this, our collaborative of professionals are interested to recruit our students and researchers by considering our training what is provided during academic age. Today, wide range of companies are using faster manner to implement advanced projects, so our experts prepare students by updated technological knowledge in a practical manner. Our trained students can easily develop any critical and sophisticated applications and solve any type of critical problems within fraction of time. You can ring us by means of our one ring missed call service.

Cloud Computing Projects for Final Year Students

    Cloud Computing Projects for Final Year Students is our splendid service for scholars to provide excellence of opening to gain advancement in their upcoming career. We have Grade A in universal-breaking training facilities, class infrastructure, experienced research and projects development team for academic and research sectors. Students from any of the disciplines can come for your final your final year projects, we provide unlimited service with 24/7 support.

Let’s view on Cloud Computing,

Key Features of Cloud Computing:

  • Location and device independence
  • Reliability, multi-tenancy, ease of maintenance
  • Integrity, security and privacy is guaranteed
  • Cloud users can able to store, deploy, maintain and access cloud data
  • Quality of Service guaranteed services for users
  • Self-service and on demand based service models
  • Usage based pricing for storage systems
  • Elasticity and resource pooling for large number of users
  • Server maintenance is easy
  • File shraing and work load scheduling based on cloud

Cloud Real Time Examples:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Office 365, Google App, GT Nexus
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Cloud Foundry, Heroku, Google App Engine
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Google Compute Engine, HP Cloud and Amazon EC2

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

  • Reliability (Cloud provides Service Level Agreement Guarantees)
  • Cost Savings (Server storage capital costs was save)
  • Flexibility (Cloud uses remote servers to turned up, down or off)
  • Manageability (Resources maintenance and management done by the service provider)

Top 10 Research Areas in Cloud Computing:

-Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

  • Distributed Cloud Networking
  • Cloud Computing Architectures
  • Infrastructure Technologies
  • Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud model
  • Storage and Data Architectures
  • Build and Deploy Cloud

-Cloud Computing as a Service

  • Storage as a Service
  • Information as a Service
  • Software as a Service
  • Network as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Cloud Foundry
  • Cloud Open Source Apps

-Cloud Management and Operations

  • Cloud Migration
  • Service Management Automation
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • BitTorrent Protocol for Data Movement
  • Energy management in Green Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Compliance Management
  • Cloud Monitoring and Metering
  • Cloud Workload Profiling and Deployment Control
  • Capacity Management and Cloud Configuration
  • Self-service Cloud Portal, Analytics and Dashboard

-Software and Hardware Systems

  • Cloud Provisioning Orchestration
  • Composition and Virtualization

-Cloud Data Analytics

  • Analytics Applications in Cloud
  • Big Data Management and Analytics
  • Data, Storage and Analytics Clouds

-Cloud Software Engineering Practices

  • Cloud Programming Models
  • Cloud Solution Design Patterns
  • Cloud Development Tools
  • Cloud Modelling and Simulation
  • Service Life Cycle Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Autonomic Business Process

-Cloud Applications

  • Mobile and Social Clouds
  • Innovative Cloud Applications
  • Large Scale Cloud Applications

-Cloud Economics

  • ROI Analysis
  • Cloud Quality Management
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Enterprise Business Transformation

Few Topics on Cloud Computing Projects for Final Year Students:

  • ELM Based Privacy Preserving Protocol for Aware Agents Implementation
  • Representing Variant Calling Format as Directed Acyclic Graphs for Cost Effective and Efficient Genome to Enable Cloud Computing Usage
  • Optimization Algorithm Designed Analysis in Cloud Computing to Fully Comply with SLA
  • Research on Influence and Evolution in Grey Model Based Society’s Information Networks
  • Task Based Parallel Applications Transparent Execution with COMP Superscalar in Dockers
  • A Cloud Testbed Integrating Network Emulation with Software Defined Network and Open-Stack
  • Online Learning for Auto-scaling and Offloading in Energy Harvesting Mobile Edge Computing
  • Fog Server Deployment Considering Network Flow-State and Topology in Local Area Networks
  • Secure Data Searching and Sharing at Cloud Assisted IoT (Internet of Things) Edge
  • Modified Generalized Integrated Interleaved Codes for Recover Local Erasure
  • Provide HaaS (Health as a Service) Using An Efficient Fuzzy Rule Based Big Data Analytics Scheme
  • Efficient RRH Assignments in Shared Cellular Network Architecture for Mobile Network Operators
  • Priority Based Performance Improved Algorithm in Cloud Framework for Schedule Meta-Task Scheduling
  • A Framework Using Cloud for Extending Resource of Embedded Systems
  • Data Provenance Architecture Based on BlockChain with an Improved Availability and Privacy in Cloud Environment