Grid Computing Projects

Grid Computing Projects

  Grid Computing Projects offer majestic research playground for you to conquer world-shaking accomplishment in your professional voyage. Our organization strongly believes young generations of students who are future backbone of this country. Our “World’s Leading Research Organization” is supporting national and international level students in academic projects, thereby energize their proficient future with an expectation and desire on increased occupation opening for young scientific generation. We are always available to support for your grid computing projects from topic selection to final viva voce.

Our Premium Scope:

  • Support on Latest Tools and Techniques
  • Administration on Code Implementation and Execution Phase
  • Share Technical Knowledge on Critical Applications
  • Support on Leading Technologies
  • Workshops for Student’s Knowledge Development

Grid Computing Projects

  Grid Computing Projects is established for maximize the computing resources and it is next big technology that currently emerging in research society. Our magnificent knowledgeable professionals offer excellent quality with highly sophisticated projects since they have 10+ years of experience. Our miraculous skillful experts have given many innovative research ideas for research intellectuals and students in the field of grid computing like core grid infrastructure, toolkits & middleware for grid computing, mobile grid computing, utility & automatic computing in global grids etc.

Now, let’s view from the beginning of Grid Computing,

 …”Grid Computing is networked computers cluster which work together to perform large tasks, such as analyzing computing resources for processing huge sets of data”.

Grid Computing Features:

  • Network computers are spread in different locations but connected in the form a cluster
  • Whole system failure case is not occurred
  • Data Grid is used in this system where data management take place under various schema
  • Chance of uses failure and recovery options
  • Enable the system to run large scale applications with thousands of computers
  • It reduces signal latency i.e. data transmitted over the Internet

Grid Computing Application Research Areas:

  • Online Multiple User Gaming Systems
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Aircraft Control Systems
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Network File Systems
  • Science and Research Applications

Grid Computing Technology support for:

  • Authentication/Authorization
  • Data Management
  • Resource Management
  • System Management
  • Data Access
  • Service Discovery
  • Policy Management

Let’s look at some examples of Grid Computing,

  • Weather Forecasting Unit
  • Customers data ingest to store in real time (Retail applications)
  • Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
  • LHC Computing Gird (Large Hardon Collider)
  • Cycle Stealing (Use resources when not occupied)
  • HPC Clusters (large SMP Systems Clusters)
  • Farms Computing (Racks of Dedicated Nodes)

Here’s you have an opportunity to view a latest Grid Computing Projects list,

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis to Isolate and Detect Power Transformers Internal Faults by Applying a Fuzzy Logic Method
  • Hierarchical K-Means Method for Large Scale Advanced Metering Infrastructure Data Clustering
  • Q Learning Based Smart Grid Vulnerability Analysis Against Sequential Topology Attacks
  • Fault Detection for Fuzzy Inference Systems and Multi-Resolution Signal Decomposition Based Photovoltaic Systems
  • Line Based Clustering Approach in Surface Mount Technology for Ball Grid Array Component Inspection
  • Graphics Processing Units (GPU) as a Coprocessor for Parallel Transient Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow
  • False Negative Decisions Mitigation in Wireless Sensor Network Based Smart Grid Monitoring
  • Resource Allocation Based on Imperfect Information Dynamic Stacklberg Game Using Hidden Markov for Cloud Computing
  • Predicted Occupancy Grids for Auto-encoders and Random Forest Algorithm Based Vehicle Safety Applications
  • Cyber Insurance in Vehicle to Grid Systems for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Grid and Traffic Based lot Allocation for Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) Considering Driver Behavioral Model
  • P2P (Peer to Peer) Decentralized Control Structure for Micro-grid Control and Real-Time Monitoring
  • Smart Meter Pattern Extraction ad Compression Based on Redundant and Sparse Representation
  • Video Distribution Using Socially Aware Energy Efficient Mobile Edge Collaboration
  • Optimal Power Allocation for Power Grid Coexisting System and Hybrid Energy Harvesting with Power Upper Bounded Constraints