Mini Project on Cloud Computing

Mini Project on Cloud Computing

      Mini Project on Cloud Computing is the preeminent way to harvesting continuous achievements in your upcoming research profession. The academic project is playing crucial role in showing student’s knowledge in their intellectual voyage. Due to this, we make best and excellent path for students to successfully accomplish their intellectual journey with our highbrowed project development training. Our most care is taken in module development with brief explanation, procedures testing and project deployment. If the project development is completed, then our team of experts is validating before delivering you. Students, would you like to accomplish your projects with our expert’s guidance? You can contact us today.  We all ready to answer your questions.

Mini Project on Cloud Computing

      Mini Project on Cloud Computing provides overwhelmingly impressive intellectual service for feed our innovative and ingenious thoughts for abundance of students and researchers to complete their intellectual projects with the best occupation. Our spectacular professionals train scholars in advanced cloud computing trends,  latest issues, technologies like cross cloud agility, heterogeneous cloud system,  cross cloud APIs and SDKs, heterogeneous multi cloud environments etc. Here’s we presented mini project ideas on cloud computing for final year students,

Cloud Architecture

  • Cloud federation
  • Hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud platform as a service
  • Cloud infrastructure as a service
  • Green data center
  • Programming models
  • Cloud systems/tools
  • Networking technologies for data center
  • Maintenance, management and monitoring
  • Business and economic models
  • Dynamic resource provisioning
  • Design cloud system using GPU, APU, FPGA

Security and Privacy in Cloud

  • Clouds data auditing
  • Authorization and authentication
  • Accountability
  • Cryptographic mechanisms
  • Availability and reliability
  • Cloud Integrity
  • Credential and trust management
  • Privacy and security
  • Legacy systems migration
  • Binding Issues

Cloud Services and Applications:

  • Service oriented architecture
  • Workflow management
  • Business process management
  • Security and trust in cloud services
  • Query discovery model for cloud services
  • Change management in cloud services
  • Organization models in cloud services
  • Innovative experiences and cloud applications

High Performance Computing on Cloud:

  • Middleware framework design
  • HPC clouds load balancing
  • HPC clouds scalable scheduling
  • HPC clouds programming models
  • HaaS (HPC as a Service)
  • HPC optimal cloud deployment
  • HPC cloud applications

Mobile and IoT on Clouds:

  • Context aware IoT on cloud
  • Mobility aware networking projects
  • Privacy, security and trust in mobile IoT clouds
  • Multimedia applications in mobile cloud computing environments
  • Dynamic composition of IoT in cloud
  • Streamed data management in cloud
  • Secure sensors and actuator technologies
  • Communication security in cloud
  • Real time big data analysis
  • Assurance mechanisms for confidentiality
  • Accelerators exploitation
  • Data storage in the cloud computing
  • Biometric authentication in cloud

Record Breaking Topics for Mini Project on Cloud Computing:

  • Cost Sensitive Resource Provisioning and Task Routing in Geo-Distributed Clouds
  • Performance Analysis and Privacy Preserving in Big Data Era on Not Only SQL Database Aggregation
  • Allocate Availability Aware Virtual Cluster in Bandwidth Constrained Data Centers
  • Erasure Code Based QoS Aware Distributed Cloud Storage Service in Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Differentiated Latency Through Traffic Engineering in Data Center Networks with Erasure Coded Files
  • Bloom Filters with an FPGA Attached HMC for K-Mer Counting
  • Capacity Oriented Availability Model on Private Cloud Infrastructure for Resource Estimation
  • Online Resource Allocation in Distributed Edge Clouds for Arbitrary User Mobility
  • Towards Bandwidth and Power Consumption Optimization in Mobile Cloud Hybrids Application
  • Three IoT Based Wireless Sensor Networks Analysis for Environmental Monitoring
  • Distributed Storage System Using an Erasure Code with Reduced Average Locality
  • Prefetching Based on Socially Driven Learning in Mobile Online Social Networks
  • Comprehensive Research on QoS Measures in Cloud Platform for Resource Allocation
  • Probabilistic Process Learning Approach in Cloud Networks for Service Composition
  • Two-Aggregator Topology Optimization in Data Center Networks Using Multiple Paths