Projects on Cloud Computing Security

Projects on Cloud Computing Security

  Projects on Cloud Computing Security offers smart environment for scholars to done immense of achievements. Our Projects on Cloud Computing Security introduces the proficient experts who can develop cloud computing projects in current trend which either IEEE/Real time basis.  We provide top-notch cloud computing projects for researchers and students from various departments (CS, IT, CA, EE and EC) around the globe. Students can select ultramodern projects based on their interest and knowledge. Students, whenever you need to exhibition your knowledge and make anything great/big? You just take your mobile and contact us. We are happy to provide projects of your choice.

Projects on Cloud Computing Security

  Projects on Cloud Computing Security is an optimal research medium with the huge motivation of cater students and research society in the field of cloud computing to create new things in this real world. Today, we serve millions and billions of students and research intellectuals by our massive of services including,

  • Research & Development Service
  • Real Time Project Development
  • Live Demo, Training & Placements
  • PPT Presentation
  • Internal/External Viva Support
  • Project Documentation
  • Research Thesis Preparation
  • Research Proposal & Paper Preparation etc.

3 Major Concerns on Cloud Computing:

  • Security Concerns
  • Cost Control Concerns
  • Lack of Resources

 …”Security is a top concern which still solidly in first place in the field of cloud computing. Thus we needed research on cloud computing security. Modern cloud service providers (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS) often provide security during unwanted traffic over cloud systems”.

Example 1: Misplacing or losing device that has permission to access data in cloud but which allow an outsider to access data with cloud administration. This could cause significant losses or damage.

Example 2: Application Vulnerability including cross site scripting, SQL injection or similar issues. An attacker directly into your cloud and create such vulnerabilities.

Security Strengths in Cloud Computing:

  • Security Patching
  • Economy of Scale
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Security Certifications
  • Reduce Cost of Testing Security
  • Redundancy and Resiliency
  • Continuous Availability and Convenience
  • Reduce Exposure via Patching Offline
  • Pre-hardened and Change Control Builds

Security Issues Solutions:

  • Recovery Facilities
  • Better Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Key Cloud Provider Finding
  • Clear Contract
  • Prepare Chart for Data Flow
  • Data Encryption uses for Security

 “We can write in-depth research articles about cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, green computing and integrated technology and also we publish paper in top reputed journals (acceptance with a month). If you have an interest to commit with us, just click a one mail to us”. We published paper in one of the following Top Reputed Journals,

  1. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (SCI Indexed)
  2. Journal of Cloud Computing (SCI Indexed)
  3. Cluster Computing (SCI Indexed)
  4. International Journal of Cloud Computing (SCOPUS Indexed)
  5. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security(SCOPUS Indexed)
  6. International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology(SCOPUS Indexed)
  7. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SCOPUS Indexed)
  8. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science (UGC Indexed)
  9. International Journal of Control Theory and Applications (UGC Indexed)

List of Projects on Cloud Computing Security Topics:

  • Owner-Stipulated Data Privacy and Security for Access Data in Mobile Cloud Context
  • Intercloud Security System and Structural Components Define for Multi-Cloud Data Intensive Applications
  • Cross Layer Cloud Troubleshooting Used for Tenant Oriented Transparency Paradigm
  • Improved Intrusion Detection Paradigm for Cloud Computing Network Layer Security
  • Analyze Fine-Grained Nested VM (Virtual Machine) Performance Over First Level Hypervisor Tracing
  • Anomaly Detection Fabric for Collaborative Virtual Machine Communities Based Clouds
  • Security Policy Analysis System for Distributed Software Defined Network Based Cloud Environments
  • Block Design Based Key Agreement in Cloud Computing for Sharing Group Data
  • ICLOS Algorithm for Cloud Challenges of Security and Load Balancing Issues
  • Strategic Trust to Glucose Control in Cloud Enabled Cyber Physical Systems with an Application
  • DEKSS (Dynamic Encryption Key Security Scheme) for Cloud and Mobile Paradigm
  • Improving Resiliency Against DDoS Attacks by Virtual Network Functions (VNF) Services of Multipath Orchestration and Software Defined Network
  • Ensuring Integrity and Confidentiality Data Method in Cloud Computing
  • Unified Intellignet Water Management Using Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing Based Cyber Infrastructures
  • Towards Practical Integration of Wireless Sensor Network Dedicated to Smart Environment in Cloud